The physical process of combustion is one of human kind's oldest allies. It was probably the discovery and harnessing of fire that first allowed home sapiens to move beyond the relatively warm climates the species arose in, with this ancestral insight setting off the long chain of events that landed us in the present day. In addition to providing warmth, light in the darkness, and greater security, fire has also been made use of in a number of other ways.

Just about every fire, of course, produces smoke, and for thousands of years people have understood that this vaporous byproduct could carry substances into the lungs. It was not until the first European travels to the New World that the strategic inhalation of smoke became a common part of everyday life on that continent, but people elsewhere had enjoyed the pastime for centuries, at the very least.

Of course, we now understand that smoke can be dangerous to human beings, whether with such pointed, short-term dangers as the risk of smothering in a house fire, or the longer term problems presented by tobacco smoking. Fortunately, modern insights have also produced equally satisfying alternatives to combustion that can be used to provide the kinds of pleasure and electronic cigarette brands relaxation that people have long found with smoking tobacco.

As a quick perusal of some online e cigarette reviews will point out, many users of these devices compare them favorably to the experience of smoking cigarettes or tobacco in other forms. At one ecig shop gulfport enthusiasts rate highly, some of the most popular supplies of all are designed to mimic the flavor and experience of tobacco as closely as possible.

What is interesting about these devices is that they do not make use of combustion as it is normally understood. Instead, they supply precisely calibrated electric currents that directly excite the molecules within a special solution enough that they form a vapor. Instead of taking the harmful byproducts of combustion into their lungs, then, users enjoy a much cleaner, safer experience.

A pull on the best e cig, many fans claim, can be just as relaxing and enjoyable as a puff from a favorite brand of conventional cigarette. What the best e cigarette offers that a relatively crude conventional cigarette cannot is a much greater level of safety. While fire is one of humanity's oldest allies, the fact is that more modern approaches and technologies have in some respects made it nearly obsolete.