A large number of Americans who are over the age of 18 have a credit card, furthermore, it is not uncommon for those who have a credit card to have more than one credit card. A number of people who received their first credit card did so by accident or unintentionally, never having actually applied for them.

Imagine the following scenario: you've recently turned 18. You head to the nearest bank to set up your very first banking account. While you are setting up the account, the representative starts talking to you about a credit card. They tell you about how it would be good for building credit because you do not have any. You can use it to buy a meal or fill your car up with gas and then just make small payments on it every month.

Numerous people find themselves in this situation when they create their first bank account. Starting out, you try to manage your credit card as well as you possibly can. You make small purchases at first and eventually they turn into larger purchases. Before you know it, you have a problem. Sound familiar?

Credit cards are one of the biggest reasons why people find themselves buried in debt. Most people can only stand debt collectors calling for their money for so long before they decide to reach out to a bankruptcy attorney such as Jesse Berkowitz and get some help. If you are buried under more debt than you can manage, contacting a firm such as http://www.Berkowitzlawgroup.com/ to learn about your options regarding bankruptcy is a smart idea.

How to Stay out of Credit Card Debt

What if you have not yet reached the point of no return? What if you have just received your first credit card? Are there things you can do to stay out of debt?

Stop and think about it before you swipe that credit card at the register. People experience a very different feeling when cash leaves their hands than they do when they swipe a credit card. You don't feel that same sting that you feel every time you hand off a $20 bill to someone.

The first thing you should do is ask yourself whether or not you have cash in your wallet. If you have cash, financial experts suggest you use it as a first course of action. There is no reason to use your credit card when you have another method of payment.

Another tip to consider is not taking your credit card with you every single time you leave the house. You do not need it when you go shopping. You cannot spend the money if you do not have it. If you really struggle to control how much money you are spending, shred the card, pay off the money you owe, and close the account.