As many business owners have discovered, switching to Voice over Internet Protocol service can be a great way of saving money. VoIP providers typically beat out traditional carriers right out of the gate, charging far lower setup costs to get customers going. They also excel further down the track, with many even offering flat rate plans that can lead to more financial predictability, along with impressive savings.

If cost is one good reason to consider switching to benefits of VoIP service, there are plenty of others, as well, though. One of the most important of these is the flexibility of call routing that VoIP implies, something that surprises, in a pleasant way, just about everyone who makes the switch.

While traditional phone service can normally be routed, to an extent, with the use of hardware PBX equipment and the like, VoIP regularly goes much further. Because VoIP is a fundamental software-oriented technology, the underlying programs that power it can be leveraged to the advantage of users.

Those with business voip service from a company like VoIPinclusive will therefore often find themselves given access to sophisticated, powerful, online call routing tools. These programs are designed to allow even those with no previous experience to quickly change where incoming calls end up, a feature that can prove its value in any of a number of ways.

One of the simplest and most useful of these is the ability to send calls to mobile devices. Whether on a set schedule or at a moment's notice, this can be a great way for small business owners to stay in touch with clients. Compared to traditional phone service, this powerful, flexible feature offers a lot of value to those who have access to it.

Even with such routine usage being so valuable, this feature can prove its worth in equally impressive ways of other kinds. For example, when severe weather strikes, those with traditional phone service often find it cutting out for hours or more as local phone lines go down.

Those who maintain VoIP service with providers like, on the other hand, find that call routing allows them to overcome even such pointed problems as these. For any desired period, incoming calls can be shunted away from a place of business cut off by weather events and sent somewhere they can be received. That can allow business owners to provide even better service to their clients, even when nature is not cooperating.