Bed bugs seem like an old-fashioned problem to the many Americans who have never even seen one of the insects. However, the bugs are spreading throughout the U.S. and can be very hard to get rid of without the help of experts, such as the producers of bed bug bully review.

What Bed Bugs Are

Bed bugs are tiny winged insects that drink the blood of warm-blooded animals, including humans. They are about the size of apple seeds. During their lifetimes females lay hundreds of dust-speck-sized eggs. They mature in about a month. The insects' bites are not poisonous, but they can carry disease-causing agents, disturb sleep, and irritate skin.

Why Bed Bugs Are Common Again

There were few bed bug problems in the U.S. until recently, because the problem was almost eliminated through the use of insecticides like DDT. However, infestations began to appear again once DDT was banned and the bugs developed a resistance to treatments. Easier International travel added to the problem as Americans visited developing countries. Travelers brought bugs home in luggage, where they lived until they were freed and settled into their new homes. Websites such as bed bug bully spray report that major cities like Philadelphia and New York are now battling serious infestations.

Why Bed Bugs Are Hard to Get Rid Of

Bed bugs thrive because they are adaptable and great hitchhikers. They can live on the backs of pictures, bed frames, and clothing. They can flatten their bodies and make them as thin as credit cards. The bugs do not build nests, but live in groups that burrow into mattresses, get into closets, and move into nearby apartments. They often go undetected until they have overrun homes. The insects come out at night, feed, and then return to their homes, where they are invisible. By the time victims see the tiny, tell-tale lines of red marks, smell an unusual odor, or see blood stains on sheets, the creatures are everywhere.

How to Solve the Problem

At one time the only way to eliminate infestations was to toss out anything that was affected, which could mean almost everything. Belongings were burned and homes were repeatedly scrubbed with harsh agents. Over time exterminators developed chemicals that allowed clients to keep their belongings and still get rid of the bugs. However, many customers have reactions to chemicals. In recent years products such as bed bug bully have provided a natural, non-pesticide alternative. Clients who buy bed bug bully simply spray it around their houses according to provided instructions. Green products like this are so effective that some exterminators have adopted them in order to offer a professional solution guaranteed not to harm people, pets, or valuables.

Bed bugs have begun infesting American homes again, after being almost unknown for years. Fortunately, customers now have options that allow them to eliminate the toughest infestations, and the best solutions are safe and natural.