New airline restrictions have made it more difficult for people to pack their carry-on luggage. According to the new guidelines, all liquids, including beauty accessories and makeup, must meet certain guidelines. However, these strict rules don't mean anyone has to leave their favorite products behind. Following these tips can make it easy for any beauty enthusiast to travel with their most coveted items.

Think Small

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires that all liquids in carry-on bags are 3.4 ounces or less. By definition, the term liquid also includes creams, aerosols, and gels. Most full size products, unfortunately, come in sizes double or even triple this limit. Many beauty products can be purchased in smaller travel sizes. These sizes are often sold at local stores or online from the manufacturer. For items that are not sold in a smaller size, consider buying refillable containers that meet TSA regulations. This will ensure your favorite items are not confiscated by security.

Think Durable

Traveling by plane may also mean that luggage gets tossed around. Even items in fancy, expensive packaging may open or break during a flight. When packing for a trip, be sure to pack beauty items in durable containers. Glass, for example, may break if dropped. Even perfume bottles may leak into a purse or suitcase. Look for containers that can be handled roughly without worry. Firm, plastic bottles are usually a great option. Make sure the lid screws on tightly to avoid leaks. For perfumes and colognes, trade out a vanity bottle for a durable fragrance atomizer. Storing a scent in an atomizer keeps the fragrance safe from both light and air, which could lessen the perfume's performance. They also feature a spray nozzle, similar to those on a standard fragrance bottle.

Even with all of the rules and regulations regarding air travel, there is no reason anyone should leave their favorite beauty products at home. Remember to plan in advance and purchase travel sizes or refillable containers that meet the TSA's guidelines. All carry-on beauty products should be stored in durable packaging to avoid damage during the flight. Taking these tips into consideration will help make sure all of your makeup essentials make it safely to the destination.