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NDP wishes they had a Christy

Wouldn't the NDP just wish they had a leader that was even half as appealing and intelligent as Christy. The media has no real idea if there is a gender gap or not...I think all people, white, brown, male or female, who have any sort of intelligence at all will vote for Christy. I certainly do not find her intimidating...she is wonderful.

— Pam Morrison

Women see the real Christy

Women see the real Christy and therefore are not fooled by all the photo ops. The Liberals should have found a new leader long ago and tried for a NEW honest face to repair the damage they have done with all the scandals. Hard to trust when that trust has been broken so many times.

— Joan Gunn

We all know what polls mean.

NOTHING in the scheme of things.As for Clark, the backstabbers in her party do not want a woman as premier. We have seen it all before. Afraid that she might do a better job running the OLD BOYS CLUB. Who knows. As for comments of woman who used to like her, do you people really think that because she would be premier that she would bend to all your needs and demands? Forget it. You may be single moms with self serving attitudes and maybe that is why you are single. That's my opinion, and I hope Christie wins just to show that she can do the job. But in the end as posters said, politicians are all crooks.

— Frenchy, via email

No connection
If she would speak from the heart, and not keep touting the stupid scripted party line, she would have much more credibility amongst other women. Many women see way beyond her chronic smile and perky fake-ness...she doesn't connect with other women on an interpersonal level - nobody believes her struggles as a single mom, nor do they believe that she has their interests at heart. She is seen as a CPC puppet on a string.

— Judy Green
Liberals have failed, not Clark
... I've been through the system and I've worked in the system. EVERY social worker, aide worker etc has blamed all lack of programs and resources directly on the Liberal cuts. Funding was taken ... Probably to fund the Olympics. Clark is a strong woman, the problem isn't with her person, it is with her Liberal politics!

— Da Wheaton
Just a bandwagon vote grab
The traction for women is overstated by these polls - it is residual to the extent that some women who aren't voting NDP or Green and who are traditional BC Liberal voters AND who don't like Christy are 'helping' to ensure the BC Liberals aren't wiped out. The explanation by the pollsters that her family message has resonated following the debate on their friends television show is nonsense and an excuse to employ the bandwagon affect to get the BC Liberals from 5 seats to 25 seats. The fact is women don't like Christy Clark because she gives women generally a bad name - and her behaviour conforms to some of the more negative things that men say about women in private conversation.

— Glen P. Robbins
Stacking the votes
I also thought the Christy would be a fresh air after Gordon Campbell, then all the shit shit hit the fan. As a traditional Liberal voter in the past, I wanted to vote them again but Christy proof that she does not take the office of the Premier seriously but rather see it as an opportunity to feed at the public trough. Her self indulgence and arrogance leaves me cold. Her constant lying and making up stories has no bases in facts have me voting for the green or conservative. Adrian Dix won his leadership by doing the same as Christy, stacking the votes, if John Hogan or Mike Farnsworth was the leader, i would be voting NDP, Adrian also has no moral and he is hoping that people will forget that he broke the trust of the public with his forge memo. His "positive campaign" is a mistake and he comes across as weak and indecisive. The NDP has done absolutely nothing while in opposition and has been cruising on Christy's mistakes, The reason Christy is closing the gap is that she doing a better image job and attacking the NDP with the fear factor and have a better talking point. Adrian would have got my vote had he show some backbone.

— concerned
She lies and cheats

Women do not like Christy Clark because she lies, cheats and is not accountable for her actions for these past HUGE blunders and thefts the Liberals have made. Both leading parties have made mistakes but Christy always puts a SPIN on her actions instead of stepping up to the plate and admitting previous mistakes of corruptness and then trying to fix it ethically....without name calling. Women, teachers and especially mothers, are doing their upmost to teach our children that bullying is not to be tolerated. The Liberal leader is a BULLY. And a desperate one at that as more and more of the BC voters are not able to excuse the tactics the Liberals are using in this fight for power. Extremely disappointed in the 24 Hour News for allowing such a blatant misuse of the paper where people go to to find out what is important news for us here in BC. The Liberals say it is okay to do this because they have the money to pay for this. “It is a publicity tactic” they say smugly.... the reality is that 24 hour news sold out. I know at my workplace it was the hot topic at the lunchroom and NOT ONE person thought it was acceptable to try this hoodwinked publicity. She stated that she wants to be the best mother she can be. I would give her an F grade for her efforts. She is teaching her son that the end results of trying to WIN cancels out integrity, honesty and accountability. Look no farther that this pitiful excuse for a mother role model. She shames the name with her actions. And there you have it .... why woman have distanced themselves from her.

— Barbara Morris, via email

No handouts
No, sorry to say this but NDP supports more welfare and handout programs, unfortunately there are a lot of single moms out there that will benefit from our taxes if NDP gets in, GO CHRISTIE.

— Julie Cerant McMann
Fake to the core

Christie's a fake person, phony and superficial to the core, women pick up on this better than most men, who in many cases are distracted by the physical attributes generally found attractive in a sexual partner.

— Christopher David Brown

Sociology, not politics
Women generally are not empathetic towards other strong women... I've seen it in the workplace where woman to woman backstabbing and jostling for position is endemic. Women, in general, have not had enough time with authority over others to understand how to use it. This is particularly bad in the health-care field where middle manager women seem to want to do their best to make life hell for the women who work under them. This Clark thing has more to do with sociology than politics.

— inthepaint
Fraud, fraud, fraud
Women are just as capable of recognizing a fraud as any other human. It does not matter if the fraud is wearing a dress or not.
The reason Clark is not making headway with women is the same reason she is not making headway with most men.
She's a fraud. And she's leading a fraudulent party, from their moniker as "Liberal" to their recent budget forecasts, fraud, fraud, fraud.

— Will
Here's the problem with Christy...

I think the problem for Christy is that in our cynical society, we treat all smiles and optimism as fakeness because the person isn't dour and cynical like we are. I think Christy is sincere in her optimism, even if at times it isn't well grounded. She is exactly what the Liberals needed for this particular cycle - a dogged campaigner who doesn't take no for an answer. I've never accepted the premise that the Liberals were so bad they deserved to be drubbed by 20 points. Certainly not as bad as their predecessors who went through four premiers in 10 years and couldn't seem to shake off the tendency to wander into scandal. Evidently other British Columbians are seeing that and disaffected Liberals are pulling into the fold. If we can pull this off, or at least avoid a wipeout, Christy has my gratitude, whatever her other defects as a candidate.

— Brad Hodge

She just doesn't connect

Finally someone pinpointed it into words: Martyn Brown.

"Fundamentally I think the thing that is unnerving to women is this issue around authenticity. Is she the person she purports to be? Is she sincere?"

I am a Liberal. I will vote Liberal. I'm a woman. I am not voting for her. I am voting for the party. Sincere? These photo ops are killing me. Is she actually driving an excavator? I'd have WCB all over that. Today's paper you have her "helping to build a modular home" Are you kidding me? I'd prefer a professional, if that was MY modular home being built. Remember the clean up after the "Riot"...she was photo'd with broom in hand sweeping high heels. Who goes down for a day to volunteer to clean up and sweep in high heels. And her comments on MILFS and Cougars...I can handle those. She's human. I'm not offended. I'm personally a Saber-tooth, 50+. But I'm sure the 30-40 women age group could take offence with her comment. Lastly, on the single mom hardships....I've never been a single mom but I totally believe you when you say most women who are single moms just roll their eyes in comparison to her and her hardships as a single mom. Sincerity is my issue. Regardless, I'm still a Liberal. I think I'll vote today. 

— Karen Trinca, via email

Gender jealousy

If it is gender standing in the way then I say it is just gender jealousy. If you really look at politics and who has been the best for BC, then there really is only one conclusion. Christy Clark for premier and a majority Liberal Government.

— Tom Olafsen

Women see through her
Christy Clark is just a liar. Women see through her and she is disgusting. What kind of woman puts children & school needs second to industry? Pay cuts in Parliament and re open the schools, pay the nurses. Why do these useless big mouths ride in limos and stay in best accommodations? They should stay in average rooms and drive, or ride in regular class when travelling. Instead of getting rid of people we need. Makes me sick. Listening to her lies. Harper & Clark are birds of a feather, greedy buggers. We need a candidate that does good when no one's watching... not these pompous donkeys. Just one female opinion.

— Claudia Belle
Family First soundbite
An odd question. Asking why women haven’t warmed to the Liberals under Christy Clark is insulting. Women should flock to the Liberals simply because Clark is one? Yes, Clark attempted to appeal to women using a “Family First” pledge, but it was just another sound bite from our fear mongering, vote grubbing, photo-op Premier.
Dianne Watts has not held office simply because she is a woman. She is a successful politician because she has shown a genuine interest in building the city she represents for the better, and listening to her constituency. I would not describe Christy Clark as “sincere” or a “good listener“.

— Ribbity Roo
Flip flopping
Christy Clark does not resonate with female voters because she is not authentic, she leaves the impression that she will flip flop on issues and she is plain power hungry. Women want a leader, male or female, who really wants to make living in this province better. We want someone who will not bend to unfair business interests at the expense of families and health. There is a way to balance economy and socialism, if only there was political will. Cronyism at all levels of government is wasting tax dollars, money better used to benefit everyone. Find a leader willing to clean that up and the voters will follow.

— inthepaint
She's just like us

The Liberals are furthest to the right, Christy is a great leader with super communication skills. Everyone should be able to relate to a single Mom under stress to what degree? She does care about families, and she is 'walking around' talking to people in small communities around the province. Liberals are the furthest right choice in the province for sure, the direction we need to go for small biz to function.

— Lynda Hooper

Unions, not leaders

BC is a Union province and that is the only reason people are voting NDP. I like Christy, and she has vowed to lighten up Government and control spending. There goes wages for all union workers, including Government workers, Teachers, Nurses and these Unions are BIG ones that actually run the province. So there you have opinion and no negative comments need to be thrown.

— Wendy Marks Monkman

MILF response lost me

I haven't 'warmed' to Christy because of the way she handled the 'milf' subject. She should have 'hammered' that dj interviewer and sent a clear message that woman needed to b treated respectfully. She didn't.

— Ange

Female voters aren't thinking

My wife thinks Christy is OK for the position and will support her, but she also hates that Christy always refers to everything as "I" instead of "We" when talking about the party. Perhaps this is her problem because admittedly I don't like it myself. However, I was around for Dix and my background is in poli-sci and I know what the NDP are really all about. Electing them means things are about to get real bad here in BC. It's time to leave and find work elsewhere. BC is dead under an NDP government. There is no money in the bucket and all the money Dix will need will come from business and high wage earners. These two are the people that invest in BC. Already they are leaving. I may as well join them. Dix will kill the BC economy. His project management of the FastCat ferries showed he can't deal with finances. The women of this province aren't thinking through this. They are the reason BC is about to fail. Hope they can live with that.

— Richard Mailhoit

Our own worst enemies

Hillary Clinton wrote about the inability of women to support other women in power. We are our own worst enemies. Adriana Huffington said that her most vile attacks come from other women — people who have never even met her. It's very sad. Christy has worked hard to get where she is and does not deserve the name calling (or the horrible things said to her son). Disagree on the policies. Debate the policies. No one should have to appologize for having loving parents and a wonderful upbringing. When did we become so caustic?

— Debra Antifaev

No class, no clue
I can't even stand to watch Clark with all the fake smiles and attitudes. She is as phoney as a three dollar bill and is not to be trusted. In fact most of the Liberal Party cannot be trusted. When Clark classed herself as a MILF I couldn't believe my ears that she was showing herself to be what she is. No class, no clue and just in it for what she can get out of it. All of my friends absolutely despise her and no way will any of them vote for Liberal while she is the leader.

— Andrea Leonard
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