Every year thousands of people decide to place their home onto the real estate market. Unfortunately, they find that they must relocate for reasons relating to work and family. In this scenario, real estate professionals routinely tell them that updating their kitchens and bathrooms is a sure-fire way to increase the resale value of their home. When taking prospective customers to see a house or condo on the market, these are the first rooms that guests wish to tour.

While bedrooms and living rooms hold a place in everyone's life, it is the bathroom where we spent a significant amount of time on a daily basis. Oddly enough, these are often the last rooms to be modernized in an older home. This is ironic because with new bathroom vanities installed in any bathroom, what was just a room for personal function becomes a full-fledged powder room.

The general bathroom on the main floor of a house can be renovated with just a change of the bathroom vanity and mirror. If the homeowner wants, the porcelain fixtures can be switched out at this time as well. Add to this a change in shower doors or curtains, and a once mundane room is now worthy of a home decorating magazine.

One feature that potential buyers find enticing is a well appointed bathroom that adjoins the master bedroom. They particularly express their approval for a bathroom which contains double top bathroom double vanities online. This allows a couple to attend to their sink-oriented functions at the same time during the busy morning hours. For the sake of modesty, the part of the room that contains the toilet fixtures can be separated by a newly installed wall or opaque privacy partition.

To find the right vanity unit for your bathroom, it is first necessary to pick a theme. You can easily bring an older bathroom into the modern age with sleek cabinets and space age mirrors. For a home built in Colonial or Cape Code style, it may be better to select a wooden vanity set with a more traditional look.

One company that works with homeowners and renovation companies is the team from Luxury Living Direct. This company has a wide assortment of vanities and cabinets in all price points. Each is displayed along with detailed photographs on their web pages at Luxurylivingdirect.com. As an additional bonus of customer service, they accept all major credit cards and bitcoin as forms of payment for their products.