It can be difficult to remodel a smaller bathroom, but with a bit of extra planning and thought, homeowners will find the effort worthwhile. Regardless of a bathroom's size, it's the most secluded and private room in the home. However, it still needs to be functional, comfortable and suitable for the family's needs.

Less Really Is More

It might not be feasible to install a hot tub or large shower doors in a tiny bathroom, but there are many changes to be made that can improve this important part of the home. By considering all options and by planning in advance, homeowners can find innovative ways to make updates.

A bathroom remodeler will help the homeowner put together a floor plan that maximizes every available bit of space. They may suggest free-floating cabinets and mirrors to open up the room, and they may also suggest using lighter, brighter colors to make it seem more airy. The color principle extends to accessories including curtains, accessories and rugs.

Unify the Look

Fixtures and accessories can make an enormous impact in a small space. A remodeler will help a homeowner coordinate cabinetry, towel racks and garment hooks with the chosen fixtures. Many bathroom fixtures are available in cool tones such as nickel and brushed silver, as well as coppers and bronzes, to complement earth tones. During a small bathroom remodel, the contractor will recommend smaller vanities and sinks that won't take up much space. Pedestal and corner sinks are a good option, but the homeowner should consider the space they'll lose below.

Selecting Fixtures

A shower stall-only design may be a smart option for a smaller bathroom. These enclosures are simple to clean, easy to install and very attractive. A plumber or a bathroom remodeling company can do the job quickly and easily. Toilets should be close to the wall; there are models available that have a lower tank and a compact design to give the illusion of more space.

Keeping it Clean

One of the easiest ways to augment small bathroom renovations in Boise Idaho is to minimize clutter. Toiletries, knick knacks and accessories should be kept out of sight, and the bedroom can be used as a dressing area. All of the tips given here can help homeowners keep their small bathrooms looking clean and stylish.