Owning and piloting a smaller aircraft can be fun, and can provide flexibility of travel, a way to earn an income, or both. Keeping aircraft maintained, repaired, and safe is a major responsibility. Some owners choose to do maintenance themselves. Learning how to care for, and keep up with routine maintenance on, the plane gives them an opportunity to understand how it functions. For those who are satisfied flying the aircraft, and have no interest regarding maintenance and repairs, there are plenty of facilities that provide those services. An aircraft Maintenance Facility Florida, for example, is set up for maintenance and repairs of most major brands of piston and turbine aircraft. Some include Beechcraft, Cessna, Rockwell, Piper, and DeHavilland.

Baron Annual Inspection Central Florida, as well as other inspections are also conducted. An annual inspection has to be completed by a mechanic who has inspection authority (IA), and is a requirement for most general aviation aircraft. Some items checked during an inspection include the emergency locater transmitter, transponders, and the altimeter, among others. If an aircraft has an expired inspection and has to be flown to another airport or facility, a ferry permit can be granted, if the owner or pilot applies for one.

A 100-hour inspection is also required for aircraft that is for hire, or used by a flight instructor for hire. A progressive inspection can be done at shorter intervals as long as the time limits are not exceeded. For example, aircraft used at flight schools, may have a progressive inspection every 50 or 25 hours to minimize downtime for maintenance. This is also done for corporate aircraft to ensure they are ready to go on short notice.

Other services offered include dynamic propeller balancing, certified aircraft weighing, per-purchase inspections and evaluations, paint touch-ups, and interior repairs. Individualized service and 24/7 emergency repairs, by experienced mechanics, will ensure that smaller aircraft are in excellent condition, are safe for flight, and are properly inspected. Enjoying flying, travel at will, take friends for rides, or earn a living, and let qualified mechanics ensure the plane is safe and flight worthy.