There are some great events happening that continue to influence the ball caster niche. Smart innovators are altering the climate with some powerful steps forward. Omnitrack continues to unleash their line-up of high-performance anti-clog casters that are used in everything from chairs to robotic products. The results are spectacular for a brand using patented technology debris channel features for low clogging.

The line-up currently ranges the OC30 to the OC100. The items vary by the load in which they can effortlessly handle and the price point. The OC100B is the latest addition to the stock. As always, prices decrease as orders increase, allowing for a range of 20 to the tens of thousands as needed.

Ball Casters are traditionally used in contemporary-looking office chairs, and that has been present major use for decades. Interestingly, some savvy developers are integrating the classic Omnitrack Ball Caster for robots. The highly-touted benefits for the Omnitrack line-up is effectively making robots more robust and mobile. The Omnicaster brand boasts a patented design feature that uses perfect 360-degree movement. There is enough propulsion coming from the robot (or whatever item the casters are attached to) to propel the item through soft surfaces, such as carpet. The last great element to Omnicaster is their implementation of brakes. The brake addition is functional in OC55 and OC100 product line-ups.

The manufacturing benefits are plentiful. Shrinkage and damage is low because of the built-in elements to the ball casters. For one, the casters are touted as chemical-resistant. They also remain the exact same in structure in temperatures up to 90 degrees. There is no hold or lack of quality performance when faced with higher-than-expected temperatures. Visit the official website of Omnitrack for more on spring loaded casters, light duty accessories, and high capacity products for serious durability.

The ball casters have continuously been refined. What results is a range of products that are small, succinct, and able to properly handle items up to impressive weights of 60 pounds and more. iterations throughout the entire line-up come in either plastic or metal, but metal remains the premiere option foe quality and appeal.