When a fire breaks out, the most important thing is ensuring everyone evacuates the building as quickly and as safely as possible. One of the biggest obstacles to that is the instance of fire or smoke preventing the safe passage through the escape route to the outside of the building. In these cases, safety curtains are invaluable for forming an impenetrable barrier between the individuals trying to get out and the harsh heat and other detrimental effects of smoke and fire. If you are considering having automatic fire curtains installed, use the following tips to get the most protection possible for your home, office or other type of building.

Implement Preventative Fire Safety Measures

Although fire and smoke safety curtains provide added insurance in the event of a disaster, it is always best if you do not have to use them in the first place. Always enhance your fire safety plan by implementing preventative measures whenever possible. This includes activities such as not overloading circuits, never smoking inside or nearby buildings and outfitting the building with at least one fire extinguisher on every floor.

Integrate With Smoke Detectors And Alarms

Even when you have safety curtains installed protecting you from fire and smoke inhalation, it is important to have smoke detectors and alarms installed in the building as well. In fact, many safety curtain systems can be integrated seamlessly into smoke detection and alarm systems so that they initiate automatically whenever it becomes necessary. It is important to work with a fire and smoke safety expert to determine the optimal number of detectors and alarms for your building and where you should place them for the best coverage.

Create An Escape Route That Bypasses Curtains

When a fire breaks out, it is essential everyone who usually occupies the building knows the easiest and fastest ways to get outside. Ensure that your fire curtain placement does not prevent or slow down evacuation by laying out an escape route and practicing fire drills that bypass the curtains as much as possible. It is also a good practice to have an alternative escape routes in the event something goes wrong with the main one. These tactics, combined with the effectiveness of fire safety curtains increases the chances of everyone coming out of a fire and smoke filled building safely.

Utilize these tips for using smoke and fire safety curtains in order to protect your building and its inhabitants from disaster when it strikes unexpectedly. Prepare for the unimaginable by installing commercial and domestic fire curtain products in your home or place of business as a part of a complete fire safety plan. Find out more about how you can benefit from using safety curtains by contacting fire curtains suppliers today to discuss your options.