Considering how many cars and trucks traverse the nation's highways, it is surprising that more windshields don't sustain damage. Rocks and debris on the highway gets tossed up from billions of tires. Even when drivers take every possible precaution, including increasing their following distance to a respectable degree, windshield damage still occurs. It is a fact of life in a fast paced world where most people own an automobile. The question isn't if windshield damage will occur, but rather, when. The second question is which auto glass miami shop to contact for repair info!

A cracked windshield, particularly one that has "spidered" and has fingers reaching in different directions, should be replaced. A windshield with only a small blemish or chip is usually a good candidate for car window repair miami. It is important to get small repairs such as these as soon as possible. That small missing piece of glass is a serious vulnerability in a windshield's integrity, and failure to fix it promptly may cause it to get worse. Expansion in the heat in summer, or contraction due to the winter's cold (or both), can make the windshield injury worse.

To repair a chip, an auto glass repair miami shop will inject it with a clear epoxy-type substance that hardens as it cures. Extra product gets shaved away after it is dry, and the final result polished. When completed, the repair will be virtually undetectable. The repair restores the windshield's strength and stability and essentially makes it as good as new. Chips that go without repair are like a time bomb that ticks away. The vehicle's owner never knows when he or she might go out to get into the car only to discover that the chip has transformed into a latticework of cracks that are now just waiting to tumble inward when the windshield shatters.

Windshield chip repairs are often repaired free of charge. Insurance companies know only too well how chips often morph into windshields that need to be replaced, an expensive repair that often costs upward of $500.00. The insurance company has a vested interest in repairing chips promptly, and for this reason, is almost always willing to absorb the cost of the repair. This is particularly true if the automobile is insured with a comprehensive policy. No matter how you look at it, this repair, at virtually any auto glass repair miami shop, is likely to be far less than the cost of paying one's deductible for windshield replacement!