Owning a vehicle is great responsibility. Not only is the owner responsible for the maintenance of the vehicle, but he or she is also responsible for the cleanliness of the automobile. An automobile cleaning service that does auto detailing los angeles, California offers many packages tailored to taking care of the customers' various needs for the cleaning maintenance of their vehicle. These are some of the services that customers take advantage of in the Los Angeles area.

Customers that come in for the Standard Service will get hand washed, clayed and waxed with a professional grade of sealant that will last the vehicle for up to eight months. This complete service includes but is not limited to a complete wipe down on all door jams, complete wipe down on all interior trims, complete cleaning of windows, inside and outside, complete vacuum of the interior and trunk, and a light shampoo of the floor mats.

Those customers who opt for the Signature Series are in for an upgraded version of the Standard Service. They will receive a minor fix of the paint job, a single stage D/A orbital and a hand application by P.C. orbital D/A of premium polymer sealant.

Those customers who want the ultimate in auto detailing will choose the Ultimate OCD. Extra parts to this package include but are not limited to stage 3 detailing, complete premium detailing, including removing interior stains, and air conditioning flush to remove bacteria and allergens.

For those customers who have three or more vehicles, the auto detailing service will come on location to clean and detail the vehicles.

OPEC auto detailing service has been offering customers auto detailing solutions in the Los Angeles and Irwindale, California areas for more than 12 months. The detailing service uses eco-friendly, non-toxic, waterless cleaning and detailing of automobiles. The service focuses on offering the best known methods for perfecting the customer's vehicle appearance, shine and protection. This has helped the detailer's business to grow by word of mouth of satisfied customers. If interested in getting your vehicle detailed by an eco-friendly detailing service, visit the website of OPEC Auto Detailing at auto detailing los angeles.