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This 5-star review made me smile!

I love when a new reader finds my books! Someone posted this 5-star review this week on OUR FRAGILE HEARTS!
What a wonderful story that will have you on the edge of your seat on an emotional roller coaster. Rachel discovers she has a 5 year old sister when they let her know her mother has died. Piper has had a perfect childhood, so different from her sister Rachel who went into foster care as a young girl. As the sisters get to know each other and build their life together they meet Mary, a lonely woman who has had a difficult early life and is now happy to share her time and money with these two sisters. With the threats of illness, a drug dealing father who wants custody of Piper and other realities of life this book is so well written and holds your interest on every page. I've never read Buffy Andrews before but this story has me curious about her other books. Have your hankie handy but you'll also smile as these three love, laugh, and live.

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