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Buffy's picks: Interesting reads for March 18

1. This baby goat lost his back legs but keeps motoring along. A tearjerker video that beautifully captures Izzy's journey. Meet Rory who adopted her and rescue dog Piper who she cuddles her.  

(image)Dust Bunnies2. If you're into zombies you're in luck! The Walking Dead attraction is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood.

3. You go girl! 90-year-old woman earns Ph.D. Yeah! You'll never too old to learn.

4. Check out my marshmallow Peeps Expressions!  Who says you can't play with your food!

5. I love innovation, which is why I love this Turtle on a Skateboard!  

6. And I love happy endings and dogs so this video is a win-win!  Speaking of dogs, I love this idea of a dog sharing service for those who'd love a canine companion but can't  commit full time.

Have a super weekend!

Our Fragile Hearts coming May 2

Here's a sneak peek at OUR FRAGILE HEARTS.



June 30, 1957
I hate Mother. I hate Father. They’re sending me away. They said I brought shame to the family, that no decent man will want me. They have forbidden me to see Teddy. He doesn’t know I’m carrying his child. He thinks I don’t love him. My life is over.
Love, Mary Katherine
I lay in my hospital bed trying to remember. I remembered the cold, sterile delivery room and the doctors and nurses dressed in white and wearing masks. 
(image)I remembered seeing the delivery table and the bassinet, the sterile towels and drapes and rubber gloves. I even remembered seeing the scissors and string the doctor would use to tie my baby’s umbilical cord.
But I didn’t remember seeing my baby.
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