The living room is the centerpiece to the home. For the vast majority of American homes, the living room is a rather straightforward rectangle of drab couches and sparse furniture. Many homeowners place their focus in the kitchen and bathrooms for financial reasons- they do boast a great return on investment.

The living room is rife with potential creativity, and the split-level home free $250 expert renovation plan auckland is sensational. It is a pure contemporary style that is daring and artistic. In its most basic form, a split-level living room means that one part of the living room is elevated compared to the other. Thererenovation are three ways this usually plays out.

A Pit

The homeowners may want to actually create a pit in the living room as their Auckland home renovation. The pit will typically consist of a table surrounded by a few couches. It can even be a play area for children. The pit would often take up about a third of the whole living room space. It is the most affordable of the three split-level styles because it only includes lowering the level of one part of the living room.

Two Levels

The living room could also be divided by a small set of stairs. One part of the living room is elevated, and that part may lead to a kitchen space. The other part is lower in height. It encourages a distinct open-plan style that is the crux of contemporary home décor. From afar, the entire living room is one massive space. But, the use of a set of stairs to divide the two gives the living room an incredible denseness. It also further divides the Auckland kitchen renovation from the living room.

The Corner

Another dazzling style incorporates one corner of the living room being elevated. The corner sits above the rest of the living room. It acts as a study nook or even a kitchen extension. It may consist of a single piece of furniture. It is also divided off with a guard rail or bars. The style does not blur the line between the two parts of the living room like the previous two styles does. It is a provocative design choice.

A split-level design is a stunning achievement of sheer modern grandiosity. Consider adding a new dynamic to the Auckland house renovations in the living room. It is a room that is wide open to all possibilities in design.