Hydroponics is a brilliant way to cultivate a thriving garden. Consumers who are new to this concept learn that these systems don't require them to work with soil. They could also present a new opportunity for consumers who love to garden yet face mobility issues.

How Does Hydroponics Work?

The soilless systems use either a nutrient-based solution or growing medium other than potting soil. The type of system chosen dictates the growing medium used. For example, standard systems reuse a basic nutrient solution while complex systems such as aquaponics may use fish.

Essentially, there are two system types. The liquid hydroponics systems allow the roots are submerged into the water. The sand or clay options allow the roots to grow into the medium itself. Both systems require oxygen, the designated nutrients, and some form of moisture.

What is Needed to Start?

Consumers need to purchase the hydroponics system of their choice. Next, they'll choose a hydroponic nutrient solution based on the requirements of their system. An inert hydroponic medium is needed to place the plants of choice. Lastly, the system requires a light source and an air pump. Consumers who wish to use their system indoors could acquire an indoor light source and air pump from a Hydro store.

What is an Inert Medium?

An inert medium is a growing environment in which the plants acquire a steady infusion of nutrients. The substances chosen won't break down quickly and provide adequate nourishment for the plants for a longer duration. They could include but not limited to perlite, vermiculite, or sand. The point is to provide a medium that reduces maintenance for the system.

What Plants Thrive in These Systems?

Basic hydroponic systems are great for plants that have shorter roots. This includes most leafy vegetables and herbs. Consumers who want to grow vegetables that have large roots need to review the requirements for aggregated Attleboro Grow lights systems. The aggregated systems are better for any vegetables that could become heavy as they grow outward. This includes squash, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Consumers who wish to grow their own plants, herbs, or vegetables should explore hydroponics. These systems allow them to grow year round. They are available for indoor or outdoor growing. According to statistics, the systems could help to maintain more vitamins and a better taste than produce grown in soil. To learn more about these systems and what is needed from a Hydro store to get started, contact Mass Hydro now.