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Attention Breweries: Everyone hates when you Tweet Facebook links
Last night, we tweeted that we hate when breweries (or anyone for that matter) tweets a link to their Facebook page.  Our @craftbeer followers agreed - overwhelmingly.

Here's why people hate it:
  • Not everyone is on Facebook and might require a "Like" or a login.  That's a big pain in the ass and I'm guessing that almost everyone will opt-out at that point.
  • When people click on the link via mobile, the Facebook site is not optimized for mobile.
  • It looks lazy and automated.  People want communication that is relavant to that particular social platform.
  • If a person is follows you on different platforms, they experience the "echo effect" and see the same message over and over.
  • On top of all this, you as the brewery are missing out on the opportunity to drive people to YOUR website or YOUR blog.  Why give the traffic to Facebook?  Why miss out on the opportunity to measure that traffic?
The point here is that it just takes a couple extra minutes to customize your content for each platform.  You don't need to reinvent the wheel every time, but consider your how your audience is different in each platform and cater to them appropriately.
Take notice of this, Craft Brewers.  Your social network pays attention to this kind of stuff.
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