Bicyclists have a tendency to really look at the science and the details of their chosen biking shorts. Few can blame them. Men have certain, well, obstacles and areas of friction to contend with. High quality biking shorts reduce that friction substantially and allow for a built in design cooling to keep the bicyclist in top form for longer. The Assos cycling shorts line proved their status with the S5 series a number of years ago. But their S7 pushes the envelope with fewer seams, sustained contour and shaping, and a denser fabric that feels almost impossibly untouched against the skin.

The Design in Details

Science aside, these new shorts consist of a denser fabric with far less seams. They are also vastly more ergonomic, which adds to their elasticity. The reduction in seams is about 47%- almost half of the previous iteration of Assos shorts. After a decent look-over, a particular reviewer could only visible see one small discreet seam in the back of the shorts.

It is also well known, based on initial reception and reviews, that these Assos s7 products have much less compression. This is especially apparent in the Assos Neopro products. This leaves a bit of space and loftiness that is felt very clearly. There was a reported 50 prototypes made to find that perfect balance in the seams. Seams can create little heat pockets in the Assos bib shorts, so the focus this iteration was to reduce the seam requirements without decreasing the quality of the feel and contour. This was difficult, but in the process Assos found a method to create far less seams using complex fabric designs that come out nearly in full.

So How About the ‘Main’ Area?

Gentlemen are concerned about the groin, and for good reason. Poorly designed biking shorts can cause intense friction in this area. Again, the science comes into play. It is called the GoldenGate by Assos addition. The chamois area is pressed on the interiors side of the shorts, and is free-floating in the interior of the shorts. The chamois, as a reminder, is the extra padding that is often contained within the groin area. So on a more practical level, this greatly reduces friction allowing the cushion to move alongside the groin and not opposing it.

Men can be happy knowing that this main grievance of poor quality biking shorts is addressed. These shorts from Assos push the technology forward, while simultaneously managing to push focused cyclists to a new level of the sport.