Almost every product manufacturer will encounter a need for product packaging of some type. The type of product manufactured will determine what type of packaging is needed. Manufacturers will often turn to the packaging professionals. These industries can provide them with quality packaging in any quantity that is necessary. When you are out shopping you will notice that almost every product is in some type of of package. Here are the three most commonly used types of product packaging on the market today.

Shrink wrap provides a great packaging material for any products. This type of package provides any product with an appealing look. Assemblies Unlimited has the machines and equipment necessary to enable them to shrink wrap any size of package. They use quality plastic film for packaging that will ensure a quality result. Most orders can begin processing within approximately 24 hours after your materials are received.

Another commonly used type of packaging is the blister packs. This packaging is most often used for smaller items such as golf tees, safety pins, paper clips or similar items. The packaging is custom designed to meet product specifications. It provides your products with a quality look and feel. The packaging of any product has a huge impact on the product appeal and can help boost sales.

Commonly used for various products is the pouch packaging. This is ideal for pharmaceutical, beauty and some pet products. You will often see thing such as dog or cat treats, shampoo samples, vitamins or other products contained in this type of package. Pouch packaging will display the custom design chosen by the manufacturer. You can obtain more information about the various sizes and shapes of this packaging when you visit assemblies

Last but certainly not least there is the bottle fill packaging that is used for items such as dish liquids, chemicals, fragrances and oils. There are many other products that can be contained in bottled packaging. Those are just a few examples. The quality packaging and designs can be found when visiting

The look and feel of packaging has a great deal to do with how well a product sells. When packaging is displayed on the shelf it should look appealing to customers. The information on packaging should contain details about the product contained in the package. This allows consumers the opportunity to read about the product before the commit to purchasing. Custom packaging is an essential component of any retail product when displayed on the shelf in stores.