There are a lot of different printers on the market. When you combine the sheer number of printers on the market with the different needs that people have for printing, it's easy to see how mistakes can be made when it comes time to select printing paper. Purchasing the right type of paper is just as important as buying the right type of ink. Making a mistake with either choice can ruin a project. What happens when a project is ruined? More time and money have to be spent to do the project over. This can easily lead to missing a deadline. If the company that made the mistake is in the business of printing, the client may take their business elsewhere. Fortunately, it isn't hard for people to learn how to select the right paper for printing tasks.

It's important for a person to read their printer's instruction manual before visiting the website of asia pulp paper or the site of any other paper manufacturer. If a person selects the wrong paper, it's not the fault of app or any other company that they buy the paper from. A typical manual for a printer will include paper recommendations. It will specify the type and size of paper that should be used for the printer. Quality manuals will also give instructions to people who wish to use other types of paper for the printer. This using means setting up the printer in a different way.

People should get familiar with paper weight before visiting asia pulp paper or any other maker of paper. In simple terms, when the weight is higher, the paper is thicker. Paper that is rated as 20 pounds can be used for general faxes and to print emails. It's usually cheap and goes with most printers. Paper that is between 22 to 24 pounds is great for business proposals, contracts, and resumes. Paper that is over 28 pounds can be used for menus, flyers, and cards.

When customers visit asia pulp and paper or any other paper company's website, they will notice that paper can be ordered in different colors. A good rule to keep in mind is to use white paper if they want documents to look professional. All white paper is not created equal. Some paper can be whiter than other paper. If a person is printing a flyer, colored paper is the best bet. Colored paper can help to draw attention to a flyer. When a person chooses colored paper, it's important to keep in mind that the ink might have to be changed to match the paper.