Collectively, high-speed internet services are known as broadband and there exists a variety of broadband technology. Credible and reputable sources exist where you can find more detailed information about broadband services since this article will only cover the basics.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

A telephone company provides this over traditional telephone lines. One advantage of the DSL high-speed internet service is that it is reliable. Similarly, it is also comparatively cheaper to install than other types of broadband. However, the signal strength and speed of transmission is dependent on the proximity to the telephone company. Similarly, its speeds, ranging are not very fast in comparison with other broadband services.

Broadband over Powerline (BPL)

As the name suggests, a power company provides the BPL over power lines. Its speeds are in the same range as those of the DSL meaning it is not very fast in comparison to other broadband services. It also incurs extra expenses since boosters are needed to increase the range and speed of transmission. However, much like the DSL, it is cheap to install and has the potential for greater reach since power lines exist almost everywhere including in rural areas.

Cable Modem

A cable TV network company provides this over the existing cable network. It is readily and widely available and is comparatively faster than both DSL and BPL as well as satellite high-speed internet services. However, since a high number of people share it, you might face slow transmission speeds as a disadvantage.


The wireless broadband internet service is provided without the need for cables and such equipment. Normally, a mobile telephone company provides it. It is more readily available over a large area. However, some notable issues with wireless broadband are the costs charged by the provider, which can be considerably high and the inconsistency in transmission speeds.

Fiber Optic Service (FiOS)

This is by far the fastest high-speed internet service available today. It is provided over a fiber optic cable, which means that the reach of service is limited to specific areas. Still, when the speeds are considered, it is an inexpensive option even after factoring in the installation and subscription costs.


Satellite broadband has a high reach even in areas that are inaccessible to other broadband options since it relies on satellite transmission. Its speeds are relatively slow in comparison to other high-speed internet service speeds and it can be quite costly since it needs certain equipment.


When choosing a broadband service, one of the key considerations is the type that best suits you and your needs. That is why it is important that you research and find more detailed information on broadband services.