Do you know that people are still dying because they were exposed to asbestos in the work place a long time ago? Years ago, there was a time when people felt that asbestos could do everything from keeping homes safe from fires, to automobile manufacturers using it when cars were built. When people are exposed to asbestos, it can take upwards of twenty years or more before they come down with mesothelioma, which is a deadly cancer. Not only did the person who worked in a factory or mine breathe in the fibers of asbestos, they took it home with them on their hair and clothing to unaware, and innocent, family members.

Today, asbestos is still lurking in old warehouses, factories, mines, and older homes, in furnace pipes. People even live in homes that have asbestos siding surrounding it, with the thought that if it is not disturbed, it's fine. When asbestos is removed, the workers must dress appropriately in clothing that keeps them from breathing in the silky fibers that pose so much danger. Log on to where you can read about the dangers of this long-ago "miracle" fibrous material that was used in the manufacture of automobile transmissions, brakes, and clutches.

You can also check out the website and find out which survey you should call a company in to do for you. If you're a factory owner and you want to purchase a large old building, it's going to have to be inspected for asbestos. If you're in the business of renovating older homes and you purchase one, it must have had a survey telling the new buyer there is asbestos in the lining around pipes, in furnace pipes, in the ceiling or floor tile. People have a responsibility to their fellow humans to have a survey completed so the new buyer knows they must be careful knocking down walls and installing new furnaces. This responsibility pertains to anyone who is going to purchase the property to renovate and re-sell it.

There are also surveys called "demolition surveys" that call for expert knowledge before a structure is torn down. The material must be removed in such a way that the environment is not disturbed and the workers are not in danger.