Initially used for insulation within a home, asbestos is now known to be a toxic product that is unsafe to use. With so many older houses and buildings still in possession of it, however, there are many people becoming ill or worse from the material. An asbestos removal company can assist home and business owners with the removal of the mineral to ensure the space is safe for people to be in. There are four steps to asbestos removal.

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation must be completed before the company can head to the site. They will ask what type of property needs to be looked at, and discuss the potential costs for the project. After this initial consultation is completed and the home or business owner agrees to the terms, then testing needs to be done.

Asbestos Testing

The next step in the process is to actually test the location for asbestos. Just because someone thinks it is present doesn't mean it actually is. A thorough test will be performed to determine whether or not the substance is in fact asbestos, and which areas of the house or business it is in.

Removal or Demolition

If the asbestos test proved the substance was located throughout the entire space, then a full demolition may be necessary. If it was only discovered in one particular area, then a removal of that space will need to be done instead. Every area where asbestos is found needs to be destroyed so the potential danger is eliminated.


Once the asbestos has been removed, the property should be safe to be in. However, a follow-up will be needed in the future to ensure all traces of asbestos are actually gone. If the follow-up shows that no traces are present, then the process is complete. If traces are still detected, then further testing and removal will be needed.

An asbestos removal service will handle any needs pertaining to asbestos and having it removed from a property. While some spaces will require a full demolition, others will only need a new roof or a specific area stripped out. Either way, the removal company will fully assess the situation and determine the course of action for removing any asbestos from the scene.