Take a small peak into what the product has offered to the other users. This article will share with you how to use the device as well as give you an Arizer Solo review. Once you want to use this machine, you have to turn it on at which point it will be on idle mode. It is best to start using the device at a lower temperature level and then gradually move on to the highest level. It is generally started at the third level and then moved to the max seventh limit. Yes, you read that right! It has seven levels of precision temperature control which provides the apt level of heating to the user. The heating time is usually one to three minutes. On the other hand, as an add-on feature, there is an LCD display and LED lights which show the status of the device. The lights show the level of temperature the device is being used in and the display will do the same in writing.

Thought of it as a multipurpose product?

That is exactly what it will be. It is used to diffuse herbs and other essential oils but it is also used by people to dope. Smoking pot is one of the most popular things done with the Arizer Solo device. Sometimes, people have even tried bong with the machine but it can get you zonked within a few puffs so it is best to stay away from it before something important is scheduled and even before office house.

Where to buy this product?

There are online stores which will sell this product all over the world. It is priced at about $120 and that does not come cheap. There is a warranty for the product but you should be sure to read the instructions manual before opening the device to use. Anything which goes wrong with faulty usage is not accountable by the manufacturers. On the other hand, make sure you have the dealers seal o stamp on the warranty card with the date of purchase duly written on it. This provides for better warranty claim. If there is any problem with the device, then the company or the dealer will replace it for you or action will be taken as discussed with you.

Is there an official website for the product?

There is an official website which will provide the Solo as well as other variations of the Arizer products. You can buy the products from this official website to be sure of getting a genuine product. On the other hand, the website also sells all the dried herbs which are needed to be used in the device. All you have to do is read an Arizer Solo review and make sure that the product is for you. There are other products like the Extreme and the V-Tower which have slight variations in the features which they provide. Thus, the Canadian product has had positive results in the market for its user friendly variations.