One of the most important aspects when owning a business is electrical safety in the workplace. When you receive the proper instruction from a licensed arc flash training Florida area expert, your employees will be safe and your business will be up to code. Read the information below to learn more about electrical arc flash and how companies can keep their employees safe.

Q.) What types of injuries can occur to employees due to an arc flash?

A.) When exposed to an arc flash, employees can suffer serious burns, eyesight damage and hearing loss. In severe cases, an arc flash can be fatal for workers. Employees working in close proximity to the arc flash are also susceptible to injuries. Since an electrical arc flash causes painful burns, injured employees may be hospitalized and require rehabilitation.

Q.) Which types of personal protective equipment are recommended for arc flash safety?

A.) Employees should cover all exposed areas of the skin if there's the potential of arc flash exposure. Types of personal protective equipment may include flame resistant gloves, shoes, pants and shirts with long sleeves. Employees who are exposed to arc flash are also required to wear headgear, safety glasses and face shields.

Q.) How can companies prevent arc flash injuries from happening in the workplace?

A.) Proper employee training is essential for preventing workplace injuries. Following the correct protocol for safety procedures is another way that injuries can be avoided. Regular equipment maintenance, cleanings, and inspections are also important. Additionally, employees should immediately report equipment malfunctions to the proper personnel.

Q.) What can employers learn from an arc flash training seminar?

A.) Some of the topics discussed during an arc flash training session include electrical safety procedures, types of personal protective equipment and safety practices in the workplace. Employers learn how to identify electrical safety hazards and discover the proper methods to correct the dangers. Current electrical safety regulations and codes are also discussed during the seminar.

Contact a Shock Hazard Analysis Florida area certified contractor to make sure that your place of business meets the mandatory safety requirements. By scheduling an analysis, you'll have the assurance that your workplace and employees stay safe.