An arc flash occurs frequently due to failure or bad maneuvering in electrical equipment, causing a flashover of electric current that spreads through the air. The danger of this phenomenon is due to excessive heat causing a large explosion, a large light effect and a high ripple effect. Promoting arc flash safety Florida is vital, mainly due to the constant building that happens in the state. An electrical arc flash can be produced by the following:

Impurities and dust


Accidental contact

Failure in tools

Voltages through narrow spaces

Failure of materials

What are the risks? Excessive heat causes burns up to grade 4 or even possible even death. In addition, cutting may cast molten metal particles at high speeds, causing cuts and bruises, while the high brightness can cause blindness. Also, the electric shock (the electric current sent through a human body) creates injuries ranging from burns to death. The thermal effect is the most important manifestation of an arc flash. The heat energy released (which is a function of the arc voltage, the intensity of the defect and the defect length) melts the metal (several thousand degrees). This sends carbonized isolated elements into friction and heats the surrounding air. When the pressure rises sharply, and if the volume is limited, an incandescent projection is made.

The pressure is due to a very rapid heating of a limited volume of air. Very few enclosures or doors can resist such internal suppression. The ignition of an arc is also accompanied by an impressive noise, comparing it to a mid-size explosion. For example, a short circuit current of 25 kA causes a meter super pressure of 30 kN / m³ approximately.

The light effect of an arc is composed by ultraviolet radiation susceptible of affecting the vision of any person located near the flashover. Furthermore, ultraviolet radiation increases the ionization and can cause ignitions of new arcs between other parts separated by normal atmosphere isolation voltage. Thus, secondary arcs can form and spread on different circuit portions. Multiple ignitions can destroy an electrical panel. For more questions on arc flashing, contact the professionals at Shock Hazard Analysis Florida today.