In a SpitFire exclusive, Kevin Surace, CEO of Appvance is interviewed to discuss the function and important of performance and load testing of applications. Topics include the necessity of testing apps, protecting your company's brand, industry comparisons, and shortfalls in application security that can expose personal data and allow cyber criminals to have easy access to networks.

Appvance Performance Cloud is a new generation testing platform that surpasses any other testing product on the market. For any enterprises that launch apps, they should be very concerned with using anything but Appvance to protect their brand and even network security.

Kevin Surace walks Mark Fuller of SpitFire Alliance through several scenarios and explains the devastating impact from a stressed and beyond stressed app. Entire companies are at the mercy of a lone tester or SQA Team who may not be working with the proper tools and/or enough time to properly test an app. Certainly, any major corporations should think twice before launching an app without the use of Appvance Performance Cloud.

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