A washing is plays an essential role in ensuring that clothes are cleaned properly and in a short period of time. Like other devices, washing machines need to be inspected and maintained by an experienced washer technician. Most washing machine maintenance practices can be done without hiring the services of a professional. However, if a washer is damaged, it is advisable to contact a licensed Atlanta Appliance repair in Douglasville GA technician immediately. Note that minor washing machine issues can develop into costly repairs if they are not fixed in time. Here are some important tips of how to troubleshoot different washing machine problems before hiring an experienced washer repair atlanta.

Washing Machine Does Not Work

If a washer does not start, first check to be sure that the unit is turned and firmly plugged into a functioning electrical outlet. Check to see if there any tripped circuit breakers or blown off fuse. Reset tripped circuit breakers and replace any blown off fuses. Examine the door lock motor and switch assembly. The door lock can malfunction either electrically or mechanically. Use an Ohm meter to test any switches for continuity, and replace any defective as required. If the problem continues, contact a licensed washer repair technician immediately.

Washer Does Not Drain

If a washing machine does not drain water, the drain pump might be defective. It is common for small rocks and other substances, such as clothing to get caught in the drain hose or drain pump. Examine any of these parts for obstruction, and clean them out accordingly. Check when the coin trap is clogged. The coin trap is located near the water pump. Its role is to trap any foreign materials that make their way down to the drain. If clogged clean out accordingly. If the above repair methods do not fix the problem, contact a Viking appliance repair atlanta technician for assistance.

Washer is Leaking Water

If the washer is leaking water, either the drain pump or tub seal is damaged. Check if either of the two parts are damaged and replace them accordingly. Examine the tub to pump to if it leaking and replace it if necessary. Contact a whirlpool appliance repair atlanta technician if the problem continues.

These are just some of the most important tips on how to troubleshoot different washer issues. To get the best repair services, make sure you only hire a licensed appliance repair technician . For more information about washer repair services, go to expertatlappliancerepair.