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A Happy Customer is the Result of a Great Worker Experience
(image)The chief goal of Customer Experience is simple: facilitate and retain happier customers. Companies differentiate on Customer Experience by unifying business operations to deliver a consistent brand experience. This includes creating a company culture that facilitates open communication and innovation. Companies that make Customer Experience a priority have a more loyal, engaged, and satisfied following… Read More(image)
The new way to develop mobile apps – Step 1 Idea to Prototype
(image)Technology doesn’t always make life easier — it sometimes just shifts the majority of the effort to another place. For example, after Henry W. Seeley invented the electric iron, people didn’t spend less time ironing. Since his invention made ironing easier (and less dangerous), people ironed their clothes more often. Neatly ironed clothes were once… Read More(image)
How Appirio is Participating in IBM’s Rapid Prototyping Through Crowdfunding + Crowdsourcing
(image)Removing red tape — it’s a mantra of IBM’s CIO Jeff Smith. The Wall Street Journal’s recent article, IBM CIO Pushes Leadership Down the Ladder, does an incredible job of describing Jeff’s cultural and execution philosophy and the impact it has on current innovations at IBM. Here is a key snippet from the article: The… Read More(image)
Why Scale is the Most Important Element of Any Crowdsourcing Solution
(image)Crowdsourcing is a powerful way for businesses to get more done faster than ever before. Some solutions powered by crowdsourcing focus on bottom-line efficiencies that enable an enterprise to do something they already do, but achieve better results — faster and at a lower cost — through the use of crowds. Other crowdsourcing solutions help… Read More(image)
The Benefits of Mobile Engagement for Your Organization
(image)Early last year, multinational conglomerate Honeywell turned to Appirio for help creating a mobile app in order to modernize their customer engagement. Thanks to Appirio’s talented global crowd, Honeywell had a working prototype of a mobile app for its cloud-based facility monitoring and management service just 10 weeks later. Ultimately, Honeywell was able to drive… Read More(image)
Hackathons and More: Behind the Scenes of Appirio’s Talented Crowd
(image)Since 2001, the Topcoder Open (TCO) has brought many of the world’s best developers and designers immense success, both professionally and socially. Winners enjoy perks like recognition from our global community of 800,000+ technical experts, career opportunities with top tech companies, and of course, financial gain. Here we’ll pull back the curtain of Appirio's crowdsourcing… Read More(image)
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