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How to Leverage Community Cloud for Your Organization
(image)Nowadays, there’s a cloud for everything. But Salesforce’s Community Cloud does something reminiscent of our more human days gone by; it provides a place for companies, customers, partners, and employees to congregate (in the cloud) — together and apart. Every business has different needs, and at its core, Community Cloud makes it easier to capitalize… Read More(image)
A Better UI Design, Courtesy of the Global Crowd
(image)We’ve moved into a digital, mobile-first age, in which the companies with the most agile, social approach to both Worker and Customer Experience reign supreme. Mobius Ltd. provides this kind of on-the-go efficiency in communication with their core product, Jibe!, a native mobile app platform that combines the productivity of a calendar tool with the… Read More(image)
7 Solutions Retailers Need for a Better Customer Experience
(image)When choosing where to shop, customers today have more choices than ever. One bad experience at a poorly performing store can send your customer straight into the arms of a competitor, or worse — damage your brand reputation. And with social media, bad customer service can go viral. (Fortunately, so can good service!) So it’s… Read More(image)
What Can Marketing Cloud Do to Boost Employee Engagement?
(image)Ask anyone in the Salesforce ecosystem and they’ll tell you that Marketing Cloud puts the “C” in CRM. With customers at its core, Marketing Cloud is exactly the platform companies need to continuously innovate and optimize the customer journey. But even a great CRM platform isn’t enough to cultivate an exceptional Customer Experience; it takes… Read More(image)
World’s Top Programmers Compete for the 2015 Topcoder Open Championship Title

TCO15 finalists from around the globe travel to Indianapolis for the ultimate coding battle   Indianapolis, IN — November 4, 2015 — In the final battle of the 2015 Topcoder Open (TCO15), the world’s most talented programmers will compete live on stage for the championship title. The three-day competitive programming event will take place November… Read More

How to Innovate with a Compass, Not a Map
(image)Before the internet, much of our technology was based on predictions — if this, then that; variations on existing technology designed to beget better, future technologies. The larger institutions with proven methods of delivery and the financial means to make them a reality monopolized innovation for years and years. It didn’t necessarily make for a… Read More(image)
What are the Hottest Technologies in Crowdsourcing?
(image)Crowdsourcing is a hot topic in the enterprise economy these days, but exactly what are the most popular technologies in the ecosystem? Here is Appirio’s first semi-annual report on the “state of the crowd” in supporting technologies within our crowdsourcing community. This heat map was derived from the “Technology Radar” put out by Thoughtworks. We… Read More(image)
Medallia and the Evolution of Employee Feedback
(image)In the past (and presently in some organizations), employee feedback simply entailed an employee bringing comments and concerns to their manager or directly to their HR department. While employees should always feel that they can walk into their manager’s office or call their HR business partner with concerns, this shouldn’t be the only method of… Read More(image)
How to Design a Voice of the Employee Program that Will Amp Up your CX
(image)Nobody knows your customers better than the employees who interact with them on a daily basis. But for some reason, many organizations are choosing not to take advantage of that valuable employee knowledge — and missing out on a golden opportunity to understand their customers on a deeper level. According to Forrester Research, employee feedback… Read More(image)
Ask the Experts: What are the Technology Needs of Nonprofits?
(image)Nonprofits are in a unique situation when it comes to IT strategy. Under constant pressure to lower operating costs, nonprofits need to run lean operations, while still building constituent loyalty and deepening relationships. In today’s constantly shifting, competitive landscape, in which new ways of supporting and communicating with nonprofits crop up nearly every day, keeping… Read More(image)
How to Champion Learning and Development for Your Workforce
(image)We’ve entered a new world of work, complete with remote employees, millennials, and more ways to engage with partners and customers around the globe than ever before. But all too often, this progress stops short when it comes to continuing education and skills training for workers. According to the Harvard Business Review, the “skills gap”… Read More(image)
The Millennial the Media Doesn’t Tell You About
(image)By now, you’re probably well versed in the age group know as “millennials,” characterized in the media by wanderlust and hyperconnectivity; digital fluency that runs the gamut — everything from daily “selfies” to freelance work. As a millennial, I wanted to research the category I’ve been lumped into. So I began with the question “What… Read More(image)
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