Mobile is the new social media. What this means is that circa 2008 and 2009, social media was becoming this massive behemoth. But now marketers have established a pretty wise understanding of social media’s place in the greater echelon of marketing. But the buzz and the storm around social media have weakened substantially, and it has been replaced by this new marketing storm- the mobile market.

The mobile application development, like social media before it, is popularly used and poorly implemented many times. There are a few ways to approach mobile design and implementation that could give a smart and aware company an edge in this rapidly revolving mini-industry.

The Blue Rocket Design Team Calls the Visuals

In most cases, the one calling the big shots is not doing the dirty coding work themselves. They may not even know what HTML, Lua, Android, Java and C+ even is. These are markup and visual languages and systems used to create games, apps, and other mediums. The design and coding team should really steer how things appear visually and how the app is to be harnessed on the front end. Sure, someone should dictate the infrastructure of the app and its functionality. But the more trivial things, and visual based themes, should be spearheaded by a trustworthy design team.

With that said, the app designers should be engaged with on a rather regular basis. This includes frequent updates and any potential changes- even seemingly trivial ones.

Mobile App Design Best Practices: The App Home Page

Many apps stress simplicity in the overall design, and this is more important on the home page than with everywhere else. See, a brand may be a fashion company. So what is their app? Is it a game about fashion? Is it a glorified mobile store? It is an interactive social community? This needs to be answered immediately because apps have so many uses. The home page design needs to answer this question upfront and with no reservations. Do not try to hide the exact goal or specifics of the app. If the app lacks coupons, do not try to hide this fact through a number of oddly placed tabs. Make it simple and design the home page with a streamlined and specific approach.

The mobile market is still changing by the week, and the many layers of its overall structure are still being realized. By staying on the cusp of these principles, a company can probably harness the power of the massive mobile market.