Of all the essential oils available today, tea tree oil may be the best known and most commonly used. There are many reasons why this valuable oil is so popular, and those reasons are the amazing range of benefits it has to offer. This oil, also known as melaleuca oil, is extracted from the leaves of a tree native to parts of New Zealand and Australia. This oil has become so important to this region the trees and the harvesting of their leaves is regulated to prevent over-harvesting.

Tea tree oil has been used for health and beauty purposes for decades. It is known to be very effective at treating various types of fungus, making it useful for combatting athlete's foot and toenail fungus. It is frequently used to treat acne, cure dandruff and eliminate cold sores. It may also kill lice, eliminate bad breath and treat hemorrhoids.

Tea tree oil is also the subject of numerous medical studies as it has been found in some research to be effective against antibiotic-resistance strains of infection, has appeared to help treat some forms of skin cancer and may cure some types of parasitic infections. Clinical studies are also being performed to see if this product could be used as an antiseptic cleanser to reduce bacteria contamination in medical facilities.

It also has household uses as the oil is very effective at killing bacteria and freshening the air. It has numerous potential uses for any room in the home. It is a valuable product in aromatherapy, helping to relax and soothe people. However, it is important to realize that undiluted tea tree oil can be irritating to the skin and toxic when ingested. The oil can be especially dangerous to children.

This is why it is always important to be know how the oil should be used and how to dilute it properly to make it safe for use. It is also a good idea to test the oil on a small section of the skin before using it to treat any condition.

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