Finding a place to live is fairly easy in most locations. Finding a place that suits your particular needs, is well-managed and maintained, along with being a safe and clean place to call home, if even for a short time, can be a bit harder. Knowing what potential issues to look for and what questions to ask, can make the process much easier on you.

Know the location you need to be in to meet your transportation needs. Don't waste time looking at rentals that are too far from bus stops or other forms of public transportation you may require. Be sure you ask about what utilities are included in the rent, such as cable, electric, gas and trash disposal. When you are being shown the apartment, ask if the unit you are being shown is the exact unit you would be renting. If there are any repairs or maintenance that needs to be done before you move in, be sure you get the promise to do the work in writing. You can also talk to the neighbors to see if noise or crime is an issue in the complex you are considering.

Most rentals require a lease of some type. This can make it a bit tricky to find a short term rental for those who may be working in the area on a short term assignment, attending school, or are simply in between home purchases. To find a place to rent for less than six months, you might consider checking out places that are advertised as vacation rentals. This works well during the off-season when they have more vacancies.

To find more options for short term rentals, contact companies that handle other types of rentals and leasing. They will often have one or more locations where you don't have to sign a lease, but still have the convenience of having your own kitchen to prepare your food. Quite often, these types of rentals in somerset pa can be much more comfortable and affordable than staying in a hotel. Staying in a rental like this can also give you a good chance to explore a new location to find the area you want to make your home for the long-term.