When you rent an apartment, you must learn to live with roommates and deal with a landlord on a regular basis, at the very least, monthly. Both situations can make you crazy, but there are a few things you can do to keep the insanity to a minimum. When you are first looking for an apartment, make a list of questions to ask the landlord so things are clear from the get go. Ask if the building or complex accepts pets and if smoking is allowed in the building. Those are two of the biggest ones to ask because if you do not like pets or are allergic to smoke, you need to know that right away.

Next one the list, as recommended by houses for rent birmingham alabama, is to ask about what is included in the rent and what are the amenities available. This is where you discover if you will be paying for electricity beyond what you pay for rent, or if all utilities are included. It is now that you will find out if there is a pool or a fitness center in the community room or if there is a playground in the yard. Ask if any renovations are planned for the near future or if there are any current construction projects going on in the area. This will give you an idea of what kind of noise level you can expect. You may want to ask about tenant dynamics to get an idea of who lives in the building. Is there a high population of professionals living in the building or more college students renting there? Also ask about the area restaurants, grocery stores and attractions so you will know what is available in the neighborhood.

Rents for birmingham apartment rentals are very reasonable, thanks in part to two groups working together to promote Alabama through real estate opportunities for residents and businesses. BAR works with ACRE, which is the Alabama Center for Real Restate, through board portal software to share communication and information to keep the market in balance with the demand. You can get a one to three bedroom, fully furnished apartment with utilities included in some parts of town for a range of $500-$795. You will pay more for anything in the heart of the City, but that is to be expected of cities everywhere.

If you are sharing your space with roommates, be sure to lay down some common ground rules that every one can agree upon before beginning to look at birmingham apartments. Be aware that the five most common reasons for roommate conflict are late rent, dirty dishes, noise, significant others, and parties. Talk about these areas with your perspective roommate(s) and be willing to respect each other's privacy and needs. If you can't agree on specific ground rules then find different roommates.