Adjustment disorder at different ages Manifestations of adjustment disorder by different ages. The symptoms of disorder for kids, teenagers .

For teens and kids the disorder is normally shown through behavioral symptoms. For instance, youth run away, fight, miss school, may steal, or normally act out in multiple settings. This is different from adults, who are more likely to express symptoms related to negative emotions like depression, stress, or sadness. Most adults with adjustment disorders improve within six months, but those that do't can confront some serious effects. Included in these are: Depression

Alcohol abuse Drug addiction Suicidal ideas and conduct Depressed immune system resulting in physical illness Teenagers who suffer from a long-term adjustment disorder, especially when accompanied by conduct issues, are in danger for long term psychological issues. In particular, they truly are at significant risk for:


Bipolar disorder Substance abuse illnesses Social avoidance Antisocial personality disorder Incarceration due to delinquent activities Accidents because of reduced inhibitions and engaging in risky tasks while using a material.