A knee replacement procedure is carried out when damage to the joint causes it to no longer function properly. This can be caused by an injury or because of arthritis. There are partial knee replacements and full knee replacements. The type you will have will be determined by the degree of damage. Through a Scottsdale knee replacement procedure, your joint can be partially or fully replaced, so you can regain your mobility freedom again.

During a total knee replacement procedure, all of the damaged areas of bone are removed in your knee joint. The bones are then properly shaped, so they can fit in well with the artificial joint. The artificial joint fits in perfectly with your bone structure, because it is made specifically for you. Today's artificial joints function just like natural human joints, which allow for better freedom in movement.

During a partial knee replacement, only part of the joint is replaced, so the non-damaged structures are kept intact. Less than ten percent of the knee replacement surgeries carried out each year, are partial replacements. It has been found, total knee replacement is much safer and often provides better results.

The procedure for a Scottsdale knee replacement will take around two hours for each knee. Some surgeons prefer to do both knees at the same time, while others will do the procedures six months apart. Your orthopedic surgeon will be able to give you information on which method will benefit you the most.

A Scottsdale hip replacement will be carried out in the much the same way as a knee replacement. The goal of both surgeries, is to remove the diseased components of the joint and replace them with an artificial one. Once the artificial joint is in place, pain is dramatically diminished and people are able to regain their fully mobility.

If you are experiencing knee pain in anterior hip replacement, contact the orthopedic surgeon and schedule a consultation appointment. The surgeon can examine you and X-ray your joint, to find out what type of damage you are suffering with.

Through a knee replacement surgery, you can get back to the full freedom of movement you once had. Stairs will no longer be a challenge and you will no longer have to deal with chronic pain. Call today for your consultation appointment, so you can learn which type of joint replacement will best benefit your health, so you can be free of pain.