From the current situation, based on the original, the Japanese economic cooperation with China noteworthy new trend emerged. Sino-Japanese relations, is good. Both sides should seize the opportunity to correct response, each winning at the same time economic, and further consolidate the foundation of Sino-Japanese relations, in the region and the world order to prevent significant changes during the Sino-Japanese relations drift.

Article excerpts are as follows:

Recently, the Japanese politicians from central to local people visited China a number of important, the main mission is to promote the Sino-Japanese economic cooperation. Of course, to the founding of the Japan trade, they can always so. But the present situation, the original basis, Japan's economic cooperation, a noteworthy new trend emerged.

Urgency of strengthening

Japan in the next 10 years, economic growth strategies to expand domestic and external demand, economic growth, create employment opportunities as the guiding ideology, hope as soon as possible out of deflation. To this end, identified seven key areas, demand in Asia alone will be expanded as a major area, other areas such as environment, energy, tourism, etc., and expanding demand in Asia, there is a close relationship. These policies had a positive impact. However, from Japan's second-quarter data, due to appreciation of the yen and other factors, the momentum has slowed the economic recovery, an increase of the lowest three quarters, converted into GDP growth rate, only 0.4%. Among them, a slight improvement in domestic demand from the previous quarter, but external demand's contribution to the GDP growth rate less 0.3 percentage points sequentially. This makes Japan the recovery process, increasing concerns about disruption. Meanwhile, the two sides signing of ECFA, the U.S. economic recovery and development entity, and efforts to expand the Asian market, have posed a competitive pressure on Japan. Against this background, Japan's economic cooperation and the urgency of strengthening.

Increase the level of cooperation

With economic development, China's consumption capacity enhancement; the same time, China's changing economic growth pattern, Tisheng industrial structure, and the escalation of international competition, Zhu Zhong factors, prompted the Japanese in China to enhance its economic cooperation.

Such efforts in the economic cooperation in the technical content of the increase. Former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama's visit to China, Premier Wen said he hoped to provide China the technology to cut greenhouse gases to expand bilateral cooperation. This effort is also reflected in the further expansion of bilateral cooperation, especially in the third industries. For example, tourism, Infrastructure and Transport of Japan Seiji's visit to China, Japan and South Korea the main task is to promote cooperation in tourism. Japan's Okinawa Prefecture and other local leaders also visited China, and China to discuss new routes and increasing the number of visitors to open matters. Again, the financial sector, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Mizuho Corporate Bank in Shanghai, have set up a new department to carry out investment banking and coordinating loans, and strengthening personnel training.

Increase in direct investment

Now a major driving reason is the continued appreciation of the yen. Since the financial crisis, the United States and other developed countries, most of devaluation of the currency, the yen has appreciated more than 40%, more recently against the U.S. dollar climbed to a 15-year high. The main reason is the weak dollar, and the international community to spread risk and holdings of Japanese government bonds, such as the United Kingdom last year's purchase of 26.3 trillion yen in Japan bonds this year, it bought 18.3 trillion. This situation is difficult to change the short term, made it difficult to export to Japan. Many experts believe that Japan's economy, in Japan difficult economic environment, the case proceeds to the promising market investment strategy is the right management resources. This year from January to July, Japan's direct investment reached 2.465 billion U.S. dollars actually.

These trends, the Sino-Japanese relations, is good. The two sides should seize the opportunity, the correct response, each winning at the same time economic, and further consolidate the foundation of Sino-Japanese relations, in the region and the world order to prevent significant changes during the Sino-Japanese relations drift.

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