The environment of of ours has been been providing life, protection and care to us through the ages. We always had the caring grace of the environment to make our life fruitful and enjoyable. With the change in times, however the environment is in danger. Under the onslaught of rampant industrialization and urbanization, the environment finds itself under a lot of stress. Now the environment itself needs caring hands of devoted individuals to save it from the damaging effects of the modern world

To provide a professional, organized and caring system geared towards working for the betterment of the environment and for the providing the best solutions to the problems faced by the environment, NREP was conceptualized, designed and brought into existence. NREP is a professional and recognized body to provide expert solutions for the environmental concerns and to prepare an expertly trained group of professionals who are fully equipped to deal with the constantly emerging challenges in the environmental field. The whole focus of NREP is to create systems to aid in the proper use of environmental resources, sustainable and safe management of environmental resources, encourage and train a new talent pool of professional who are passionate and experts in the field of environment.

To fulfill its goal of working for the betterment of the environment, NREP provides certification courses in various disciplines of the environmental industry. Academic research into various aspects of the environment is encouraged and facilitated by the NREP. The individuals having expertise, knowledge and experience in the various disciplines and areas of environment and related fields are given professional and legal recognition to further increase the impact of their knowledge and experience. The information on the experts in the field of environment is put into a single area for all the concerned people like the environmental industry, NGOs working for the environment, government offices, journalists and citizens to use the NREP database of these environmental experts to further the cause of the environment. Training programs and refresher programs are conducted through facilities of NREP and a proactive role in the making the world safe form the ill-effects of indiscriminate use of technology is ensured.

With an intention to let common people and individuals associated with the environment and environmental industry have all the updated information on the latest developments in the field of environment and environmental industry, NREP brings out journals by the name of Forefront and Journal of Science and Sustainability.

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