Tooth pain is often one of the most difficult symptoms to deal with when it comes to oral health concerns. While minor or fleeting tooth pain may be nothing to be concerned about, ongoing pain or pain that increases over time may be caused by a serious condition. Unfortunately, the causes of tooth pain do not always cause visible clues. When a person is dealing with tooth pain, it is beneficial they see the dentist anchorage. The sooner the dentist is able to diagnose the cause and cosmetic dentistry anchorage ak treat it, the sooner the person can find lasting pain relief.

To find what is a causing a patient's tooth pain, the dentist anchorage will first talk with the patient about their symptoms, perform a thorough examination and take X-rays. There are three conditions that most often cause tooth pain:

Cavities are typically the most common factor causing tooth pain. Though decay starts off as innocuous, once it penetrates the enamel layer it can begin causing damage to the inner areas of the tooth which are most vulnerable. Once a cavity begins causing pain, this means it has breached the inner areas of the tooth and is affecting the nerve.

Infections can also cause severe pain in a tooth. To learn if a tooth is infected, the anchorage dentist will need to examine the tooth. When a tooth becomes infected, it fills with pus that can press on the nerves and cause serious pain. Unfortunately, the infection may spread to other teeth or the gums if it goes untreated so it is important a person is checked for infection if their tooth pain continues.

Injuries are another cause of tooth pain. Though many people are aware of when they injure a tooth, these injuries are not always evident right away. When a person bites down on food and ends up cracking or breaking their tooth, they may not be aware even when the pain strikes. A full dental examination can reveal injuries so they can be properly repaired.

No matter the cause of tooth pain, it behooves a person to seek dental care right away. Trying to self-diagnose and medicate may allow the condition to worsen or even spread. If you are experiencing tooth pain and are in need of dental care services, visit They provide their patients with the extensive dental services they need so their smiles can be healthy, strong and attractive. Call them today to schedule your appointment.