Having a break through on Fiverr is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks to achieve in the world of freelancing. The fact is, there are thousands of jobs posted everyday, which means that the probability of your job getting an order is very slim to none. For this reason, one has to be at the top of his game in order to achieve the ambitious $100K a year on Fiverr. With diligence, resilience and dedication, your experience on Fiverr will be worth-while and very successful.

On that note, I intend to give you deeper insight on the best and the easiest jobs to deliver on Fiverr that will make you good money with no hustle n' bustle work whatsoever. One of the most stress-free gigs that is very easy to deliver is social media advertisements. If you have a large Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account, with very many followers, then this is absolutely the gig for you. A lot of companies will gladly pay you $5 for you to post or tweet an advertisement promoting their brand on your account. This will create publicity due to the large contact base that you have and the gig itself doesn’t require any effort at all.


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Moreover, you can easily earn some good money by promoting people’s businesses, blogs and sites by creating back links. This is a very simple and easy to deliver gig. However, for this gig to be successful, you have to run a blog that is very popular. Once this is achieved, you can create links for your clients on your blog, to publicize them and get your $5 very easily. The beauty of this gig is that it is always on demand and you will hardly ever lack a client. On top of that, adding in gig extras like I will tweet, FB post and Instagram your picture + article for $10 takes no extra time when using a cool tool like HootSuite, which allows you to post the message to all your accounts and ONCE and instantly.

If you are an expert in blogging, then you will absolutely be interested in making a few dollars without struggling (like most bloggers do). Let's face it, to start making money from your blog, you have to put out REALLY GREAT content, and even then, you have to write anywhere from 100-300 blog posts before the website starts becoming profitable (we should know). So, being the expert blogger that you are, you probably know your way around WordPress, Blogger.com, Wix or another type of blog pretty well. People often experience problematic issues related to setting up their WordPress blogs in the most idiotic of ways possible (you'd be surprised how they mess up). For this reason, they will readily pay $5 to an expert on WordPress blogging to fix even a SINGLE logistical problem for them. It is certainly an easy way to make a few bucks with little work, and can get you the much needed cash flow to keep your blog running.

Article writing is absolutely another easy way to make money. At the comfort of your home and reliable internet connection in place, you are bound to make a few dollars with your ability in writing. If you are a fast writer, you will definitely have an added advantage because you will be able to complete more articles in a day. The truth is, there are few "evergreen" niches in this world. But content creation, ala article writing, will never go out of style. Until A.I. is able to properly pass a Turing test, we are going to have humans writing MILLIONS of words every single day onto the surface web that Google crawls. Why not get paid to craft a few thousand of those words every day? We have accounts where our typers can get paid $5 for 500 words, or $0.01 per word. A lot of people eat these gigs up when they see they come from native English speakers, and most of our writers can make a 500 word article in less than 15 mins, getting paid $16 / hr. Whenever they get gig extras for adding a picture or posting it to a High DA/PA blog, they can get an extra $5 (for the picture & 2 extra mins of work) OR $20 (for the blog post & no extra work).

These are just but a few jobs that will sell very easily without putting in a lot of effort and will get you that quick cash you need quite reasonably need.