Storage sheds that look just like little homes are very popular with homeowners today. Instead of overloading the garage, they buy a shed that compliments the colors, shutters and windows of their home. They buy storage sheds made in lancaster pa from the Amish. Just about everyone has heard of the beautiful barns, homes and storage sheds they build for themselves and others.

The sheds range in size from 6 x 8 to 14 x 40 and can be built of 1/2 inch wood siding or 1/2 inch OSB (Oriented strand board) under vinyl siding. Naturally, the larger the shed, the higher the price. A vinyl sided shed will cost more than a wood shed. In case you're wondering about the Oriented strand board, it's made of particles of board, and in layers that are pressed and then glued together. Sometimes, the wooden particles are treated so that insects won't want to chew it and molds won't grow on it.

A 6 x 8 wood storage shed will cost $1300 verses the same size shed with vinyl siding will cost $1585 and if that same shed was brought in for set-up as a pre-fab, which means built on site, it would cost $325 more. This is just one example of the many sizes and prices located on the website that gives a person interested in buying one a good idea of size along with the cost. One of the largest Lancaster sheds retail price is $8,510 for the 14 x 40 vinyl sided shed. As a pre-fab built on your lot, the extra charge would be $1,100. For the same size wooden shed, the cost would be just $6870. For the homeowner who is lacking space and who doesn't want to junk up the garage with a million items, these are excellent places to store everyday items away from the home.

Considering the sheds look like little homes, they do add a really nice curb appeal to the origingal home and garage when people are driving by. There are 34 sizes to choose from and all of them can be made of wood or covered with vinyl siding and built on your lot. The retail lancaster shed are not the only buildings the company manufactures. They can make everything from chicken coops and gorgeous pool sheds, to gazebos and the cupolas that are placed on top of the storage sheds.

The website has many satisfied customers who have written in special testimonials about how the storage sheds look when completed. Just about everyone writes a review about the person who delivered and set up their shed. There is an enormous amount of information on the website, along with a contact form and other pertinent facts about the business. The telephone number is listed so that customers can conveniently call to order or ask questions.