As there are many ways to use the Salvia divinorum, this drug has been taking a new achievement in the medical industry. It is used as a natural medicine in different parts of the world. If you are one of the persons interested to take this herb, it is important to opt for the best way to use it. Like, one of the ways is to smoke this herb, which will give you a surprising effect. Smoking is a better way than drinking it, because drinking needs a lot of the herb to be used. Another way you can opt for is to use it as a tincture.

How to prepare a tincture?

Salvia Tincture can be made in an easy and effective manner. Let's start with the process to make the tincture of this herb:

If you have 100 gm of this herb that is dried in nature, it can help you in making 4 to 5 ounces of strong tincture. Make sure that you have made powder of this herb by grinding it in a small electric coffee grinder. After it, you need to put all of the powder in a jar and pour 99% isopropanol in it and the cover it. You need to shake it for at least 5 minutes and then wait so that all the leaf particles can be settled down.

Once after the settlement, take the isopropanol out of the jar and save it in another bowel. Again, put some isopropanol in it. Repeat the same step like previous. Do the pouring again for 3 to 4 times and afterwards, wash the powdered leaf with fresh solvent two times. The isopropanol collected from the extracts need to be combined together in one shallow container or bowl. Make this mixture to be sitting all the night. You need to remove all of the leaf particles from the liquid contained in a container. Moreover, proceed further towards the ultra-fine tannin sediments to make it settled out of the liquid. For this, you need to wait. Place the bowl in a dark place for at least 8 hours. Once the sediments are settled down, it is important to pour the fluid into another container, which makes all of the sediment that has dropped to the bottom of the first bowl behind. This way, you can prepare a high quality Salvia Tincture to be used easily.

Get effects!

If you are a person interested to get out of the world by falling in love with something, then you can use the tincture, you have prepared. If you have any difficulty regarding preparing it, then you must use the herb as smoke or a simply drink. It depends on the amount of leaf or herb you have taken, which gives you similarly effects on your mind. If you can manage only the effects, then it is a recommended to take. Otherwise, you should not take it. Go online to seek for proper information, before using or preparing it in your own.