No one likes to experience a hot day without a functional air conditioner. To minimize the odds of an air conditioning system failing, experts strongly recommend home and business owners schedule routine maintenance before the hot weather arrives. However, even if a property owner forgets or neglects to schedule maintenance early in the cooling season, it is never too late to call for service.

Why is Maintenance Important?

Proper air conditioning service ensures the system will be ready to use when it is needed most. While it is easy to neglect routine maintenance, doing so puts the equipment at risk for failure. However, when an air conditioning system is maintained, the technician will be able to identify components that are likely to fail and provide the property owner with repair or replacement options.

Another important factor when considering maintenance is the fact a properly maintained system is less costly to operate. With the cost for electricity always seeming to go up, it is important to reduce usage as much as possible.

Warranty issues may also come up if a system is not properly maintained. Most equipment manufacturers now require some level of maintenance be provided to maintain a warranty. Given the cost of new systems, it does not make sense to ignore those requirements.

What Needs to Be Taken Care of on a Regular Basis?

There are several items to take care of routinely. Cleaning the components is important to avoid the build up of mold within a system. Condensation drains are easily blocked when they are not properly cleaned, which could lead to other issues. Filters need to be cleaned or changed often, especially under extreme weather conditions. In addition, leaves and air conditioner checklist other forms of debris must be cleared from the area around exterior components to allow proper air circulation.

Other services may be required if a unit has been neglected for a long period of time. When the service technician is on site, it will be easier to identify any extra cost services that may be required to ensure proper operation of the air conditioning system. Coil cleaning, for example, is often needed when a system has been neglected.

How Much Does Maintenance Cost?

There is no single answer to that question as there are several service options available. To get a better idea of what different costs might be, go to to see some basic price schedules. Get in touch with the experts for more information or to schedule air conditioning service for a home or business.