New parts for repairs and replacements on automobiles can be very expensive. Used Car Parts cost less money, take less time to obtain, and can suit the needs just as well as new factory parts. Green recycled parts are often available, so owners can save money and the environment. Some people do not like to take the risk of purchasing used parts in case they are not as solid as advertised. They don't want to pay for a part, only to have to replace it again sooner than expected. Paying for a used part twice does not save money over purchasing a more expensive new part once.

Experienced auto parts dealers that sell new and used parts, are able to get later model used parts, so they provide warranties. A six month warranty on all major parts, for example, is an indicator that the dealer will stand behind the sale. Three month warranties on labor when the technicians put used parts in the vehicle, makes customers' feel more secure about using used engines, transmissions, radiators, or other parts. If a vehicle had a faulty transmission, or the radiator system failed, the engine may still be in great condition, and can operate well in a different car. The pricing for used parts can be over 50 percent less than the price for new parts.

Surplus parts from manufacturers can also be found at used parts dealers. Those parts are new, but will not cost the full retail price. Parts for air bags replacement, mirrors, grilles, tailgates, and hoods can be available from General Motors, for example, if they have an over abundance of one type or model year. A larger dealer will have a computerized part inventory for customer convenience. In that case, customers can call the dealer or go to the website and verify if there are used air bags available, or a fender for a 2010 Ford Escort. That system saves time going to a dealer, only to find they do not have the part needed.

Some dealers have vehicles that need work or repairs on sale at very low pricing. Customers can purchase the vehicle "as is" and fix it up themselves, or cover the cost of repairs and have the dealer fix the vehicle. Disclosure of damage or repairs needed is provided so customers know the specifics regarding any used vehicle before they decide on a purchase. The savings can be substantial, and it is a perfect situation for someone who fixes cars as a hobby.