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The Only Way You’ll Ever Be Fulfilled In Life searching already. It’s a fool’s game that has been played for millenniums.

Marriage Was My Ticket To Fulfillment

I’m 25 and single. I desire marriage more than anyone else in the world according to a recent internal poll. Frankly, I’m custom built for such a one-on-one relationships.

I’ve always had a best friend since kindergarten. For a long time I thought it was “kindergarden” – a place where kids and select plants grow.

As I aged and hormones domineered up to 45% of my brain (I think I still have majority control), I wished more and more that my best friend was an attractive female. She wouldn’t even have to love football and video games! (error corrected)

In my early twenties, marriage was the holy grail of life fulfillment. If I found that one person, I would be complete. I would tell this to my wife at our wedding – something about me being the lesser third. Through the past 3 years or so, I’ve been rethinking that and learning that my initial projections were off.

I learned that there is only one real way to be permanently thrilled with life. There’s also one way to never be satisfied, and it is…


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