For every ten people who think about cheating on a spouse or partner, one makes the leap: That's the estimate of one expert who studies the phenomenon, but those numbers are changing. In fact, researchers say, cheating is becoming more common than ever before, thanks to a wealth of new ways to arrange for it.

Search queries like "what are the best affair dating sites," in fact, are now among those trending the most sharply, with year over year growth that seems set to continue for quite some time. Many of the top websites for cheating have experienced traffic growth of a similar stature, with some of these online destinations doubling in size annually for several years running.

If this trend continues, as so many experts think it will, then the AffairHub of tomorrow will likely stand among the most popular sites of all. Far from being relegated to the fringes, then, these specialized sites will become part of everyday life on the Internet, so attractive are the services they offer.

There are good reasons for this surge in popularity, too. Cheating on a spouse used to be largely a matter of happenstance, as most cheaters relied on accidental real-world connections in order to do so. Now that it is so much easier to connect online with people who have the same thing in mind, hookups are becoming far easier to arrange for.

In fact, some experienced cheaters feel that this style of getting together is a prime reason for their pursuing extramarital affairs in the first place. Casual connections with nothing in the way of commitment are the rule online, so cheaters can be confident of being able to back out as and when that becomes advisable.

Compared to the often-entangling relationships that used to be the rule, that makes for a big improvement when it comes to the success rate of cheaters. Instead of needing to worry that a partner in dalliance might be inclined to ruin things with a surprise visit or message, today's cheaters can often count on much more in the way of discretion and professionalism from their new partners.

A list of affair dating sites that are now attracting the most attention bears this out. Each of these sites, in fact, stresses the importance of being a good cheating partner, with strict rules that filter out those who are not capable of performing. That makes cheating easier and safer than before, something that is also making it more appealing.