A lot of these dating websites pop up randomly, and they seem okay on the surface. They should. The people behind the website paid a lot of money to make the website look as great as possible. Unfortunately, that is all window cleaning. The inside of the website building is a little beat up- or it is just completely empty.

Sometimes, it is just best to go with a tried and true source. Few are as legitimate, healthy, and as big as eHarmon. This website is the de-facto leader in reliable dating. The best part of eHarmony is that it is backed up by a qualified team. Unlike the vast majority of dating websites, both good and bad, eHarmony actually has maintenance employees in solid numbers. This has a lot of additional benefits.

eHarmony is not filled with fake profiles. Not only does the website actually have a pretty lengthy vetting process (at least for a dating website) it also has people who review profiles for legitimacy.

Customer service contact? On a dating website?? Yes, it is possible to reach out to one of the company representatives directly. Most websites do offer a contact option, but only for special circumstances. They also rarely respond to the messages.

A big base of users means a big budget, and eHarmony can afford the bells and whistles. For one, the website has an absurdly in-depth matching system. There is a reason that eHarmony matches four or five starts on average by users and non-users.

Eharmony is not specific for people looking to simply hook-up. It has a little more depth to it. That is not to say that it is not there. The matching system of the website is so well-implemented, individuals looking for secret affairs should have just as much success as older singles looking for a marriage. Visit affairhub.com to learn more about all the many affair dating sites. Which ones can compete with eHarmony, with perhaps a focus on getting lucky? There are hundreds of options, and Affair Hub offers a directory of all the best (and worst) ones, with full reviews and pro/con lists.