For some jobs, only the biggest and best tools will do. That goes just as much for aerial bucket truck rentals as for any other kind of equipment. Trucks that offer 80 or more feet of vertical reach might not be necessary for every job, but when they are, they are indispensable. Fortunately, there are several great options on the market today of this sort.

The most popular of all of these is likely the versalift bucket truck rental that offers so much in the way of flexibility. With a maximum working height of well over 90 feet, the Versalift RQ600 is not quite a true 100ft bucket truck rental, but few who seek one out have a problem with this slight deficiency. What the Versalift lacks in ultimate reach, it makes up for in a number of ways.

One of these is horizontal extension that puts to shame that of many other trucks in the class. This can come in handy in any of a number of common situations, even if most who seek to rent aerial bucket trucks do not necessarily look first to this trait. A generous horizontal reach, as with the RQ600, simply makes it far easier get work done when conditions on the ground prohibit ideal truck placement.

While the RQ600 remains a top choice among aerial bucket truck rentals, it does have competition. Some of the most formidable of this is, somewhat ironically, put on by its successor. The RQ601 improves on the RQ600 in a number of ways, and this fact is starting to become more widely known in the industry.

For one thing, the jib of the RQ601 has been entirely re-engineered, resulting in a mast that is much lighter and easier to work with. Slimmed down in terms of mass by the judicious use of fiberglass reinforcement, the jib of the RQ601 is every bit as strong and capable as that of its predecessor. At the same time, that lowered weight makes it easier to put into position and work with in general, something that is noticeable right from the start.

Even if these two trucks were the only options on the market, renters would be fairly well accommodated. In fact, though, a number of competitors from Altec, Manitec and others round out the offerings in satisfying ways. This means that those who find themselves in need of such specialized, highly capable equipment never need to go wanting.