The point of advertising is to sell products. The key to selling products is to grab the attention of the customer enough that they want to buy. This can be relatively easy with some products because customers already know that they want these products. However, when a product is not needed or not known, reaching the customer is more difficult. Thus, effective advertising has to have these qualities.

One quality of an effective advertising campaign is to capture the attention of the audience. This task is made infinitely harder by the sheer amount of competition of other products on the market. Even if the advertising is not related to the product, the consumer's attention is still hard to grasp. That's why the message has to stand out from the crowd. A marketing agency can help cater the message so that it is unique. By doing so, it is more likely to draw the attention of the customer who has a notoriously short attention span when it comes to product advertisements.

Of course, getting the customer's attention is only a part of it. The next big quality that an advertising campaign has to have is the ability to convey a lot of information quickly. This is easy if the product is already a worldwide brand and consumers are aware of its traits. But for a brand new product, this task is harder because the consumers don't have a reference point from which they can understand the product. Thus, a creative agency will also have to find a way to explain what the product does and how useful the product is to the consumer so that they will buy into it.

But the most important quality of a successful advertising campaign is making it connect to the customer. There is this personal connection that has to be made before a customer will buy a product. If the advertising doesn't relate to the customer it is intended for, it won't sell. For example, putting cat faces on bags of dog food doesn't connect the product to the consumers who are buying dog food. This is something that LGD Com understands in regards to advertising. Because whatever symbol is chosen has to relate both to the customer and advertising agency the product usage.

A successful advertising campaigns by a Creative agency has these big qualities. They capture the attention of the consumer. They get their message across effectively. They also have to relate to the consumers that are buying the product.