A tween is a person between the ages of ten and twelve. This period right before puberty can be one of the most demanding and difficult times in a young person's life. With so many outward and inward pressures to deal with, people these ages often have a difficult time coping. When a child is acting out, seems depressed or is falling to peer pressure, it may be time for parents to seek adolescent support service in Bucks County PA. Through these services, young people can be given the help they need to avoid the pitfalls many tweens and teens fall into.

Though parents are the number one support unit for adolescents, they often become the enemy during the tween and teen years. During this period of growth, children often think their parents are clueless and out of touch with the reality of being a teen. When teens begin to fall victim to peer pressure, they often push their parents further away and avoid communication. When this happens, parents can get help in working with their child through teen support service in Bucks County PA.

Since peer pressure is often one of the biggest issues adolescents face, it is important parents are equipped with the knowledge they need to help their child. Parents can help their child by:

Communication is key to helping children deal with peer pressure. Assuring them a parent is there anytime they are needed can help. Keeping the lines of communication open may make a child feel more comfortable in sharing information about the peer pressure they are facing.

Teaching a child to be assertive and stand up for themselves is important. A child who feels confident in saying no is more likely to avoid peer pressure.

Parents need to learn more about their child's friends. When problems are noticed, informing the child's parents can be important.

Children who have the full support and love of their parents are less likely to fall victim to peer pressure. If children are experiencing issues, adolescent support services are recommended. These services prove beneficial for both the child and parents.