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Ad Manager Dashboard

If you rely on ad revenue, the article page is your cash cow — it generates views and keeps audiences on your site. The RebelMouse Ad Manager dashboard enables you to easily swap out ads, change placement, and experiment as much as you want without relying on tech resources. Here's how to enjoy incredible control over your revenue.

Access the Ad Manager Dashboard

Click on the hamburger menu (☰) to open up the navigation menu and select "Ad Manager" or type the following into your address bar: YourDomain/core/dashboard/a_manager.

How the Ad Manager Is Divided


Your ad network provides you with header code that needs to be placed in the header tag to run your ads.


Add an ad tag to the Body section to serve ads at the beginning of your articles, before any content begins. This is a common ad placement because it's visible on first load. You can toggle this ad option on or off.

Here's an example of an ad at the top of a page:

Body Words

The Body Words sections is where you set ads to automatically appear after a certain number of words in your article. This helps ensure ads appear evenly throughout your article — not too close together.

Note: The platform will not cut off a paragraph midway through to place an ad. If you select 150 words, for instance, RebelMouse will find the closest end of a paragraph after 150 words.

Just as before, you can toggle any ad placements that you place into the Body Words section on or off, or even delete them if you wish to.

And you can keep adding as many "Show ads after X words" placements as you like with the "+ Add Item" option at the bottom of the page.

Here's an example of what an ad after 60 words looks like in an article:

Feel free to add multiple ad placements this way. For instance, you might wants ads to appear after 150 words, 500 words, and 1,000 words. If the article is shorter than the number of words selected, that ad will not appear.

Body Listicle

The Body Listicle section is where you can set ads that will automatically appear after a certain number of listicle items in your article. This number can be set globally in the Layout & Design tool or per post in the listicle settings.

If there is only one ad placement set up, the ad will be repeated.

Example: You have a listicle with 15 items and you choose to show an ad after every five items.

Result: The one ad you have set up in the Ad Manager will be shown three times.

If there is more than one ad set up in the Ad Manager, the ads will be displayed in the order they are listed in.

Example: You set up two ads in the Ad Manager, have a listicle with 20 items, and you choose to show an ad after every five items.

Result: The first ad displayed will be ad #1 in the Ad Manager. The second ad displayed will be ad #2. The third and final ads displayed will both be ad #2 again. The reason for this is because there are no more ads to display, so we repeat the last ad that was set up in the Ad Manager.

Customize Ad Codes by Device

You can add separate ad codes for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices to ensure that your ad placements fit each type of screen correctly.

Note: You can also add Google AMP-compatible ad code to each placement.

Learn more about Google AMP + RebelMouse.

Your Ads in Facebook Instant Articles

As you saw above, you have the option to implement ads for Facebook Instant Articles in the Body Words section (ad placements every X words) and the Body Listicle section (ad placements between listicle items).

Here are a few best practices:

  • Facebook Instant Articles do not support placing an ad before the body of a post, so don't add ads to the Body or Header sections of the Ad Manager.
  • When placing an ad in the Body Words section, we recommend placing the ad after no less than 100 words. Otherwise, it could be rejected by Facebook.

RebelMouse CEO: Reimagining Diversity “Starts in the Office”

Why women, minorities, and the LGBTQ+ community will restructure workplace norms

Entering a new decade means a new opportunity to change how we approach diversity. In a joint interview alongside Leanne Pittsford of Lesbians Who Tech, RebelMouse founder and CEO Andrea Breanna said that the only way to fight patriarchal dominance is to encourage and nurture more women, minorities, and members of the LGBTQ+ community in the workplace, particularly in tech.

Over half of RebelMouse's employees are women or identify as LGBTQ. Read our full diversity and inclusion report here.

Check out the full video below.

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